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Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Hello (Re: test)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 12:41:16
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1 genone posted <20060330011627.7A7982803F@××××××××××××××××××.net>,
2 excerpted below, on Thu, 30 Mar 2006 04:15:48 +0200:
4 > Test
6 This seems a good opportunity for my own test... and introduction.
8 Some weeks ago I mailed a couple of you asking if my presence here would
9 be worthwhile and not disruptive (last thing I want to do is disrupt
10 development of such a critical part of Gentoo), in view of my posts to
11 devel. The answer I got said go ahead, so here I am.
13 In theory, I'm learning python and intend to use portage as my intro to
14 real life practical code, even if it's not text-book pretty. In practice,
15 I haven't done much with that project in awhile, but reading the back-list
16 has already proven beneficial to my understanding of portage and the
17 issues it tackles, on an above-code level. Going forward, keeping up
18 with this list should be useful as a heads up on the developments in this
19 critical portion of Gentoo, even if that python learning thing never goes
20 anywhere.
22 I've finally caught up on the back-list (I read most threads since
23 November and selected ones from before that -- wow, I hadn't realized how
24 fast portage was progressing until I read messages from six or even three
25 months ago talking about features I'm now using, in future tense!) and am
26 now current with the list. I haven't found anything that just begs for a
27 first post opinion contribution, however, so this is it.
29 I'm not coming in with an intent to radically change the world or portage,
30 or a list of things I think you are doing wrong, as I'm rather very
31 impressed with just how well portage does at a very difficult job. You
32 guy's certainly get my respect! =8^) Instead, I'm here to learn and
33 perhaps to help test, and in time, possibly, to contribute. For the time
34 being, I'll mostly lurk.
36 OK, a bit of user's perspective feedback on some of my favorite features!
38 A big thanks for the integration of the confcache functionality! I
39 had been (semi-patiently <g>) waiting for that for some time, every since
40 the split-off of sandbox, after which the old patch didn't seem to work so
41 well. (I tried manually splitting it up too, but had mixed results,
42 compounded by some other problems I had at the time.) I put it to good
43 use with the upgrade to KDE 3.5.2 earlier this week! FWIW, I'm using
44 FEATURES=-metadata-transfer, as well. I'm currently on 2.1-pre7-r2
45 (~amd64), from my last sync a couple days ago.
47 My favorite long-time portage power-user feature is buildpkg, as it has
48 demonstrated its usefulness time and again on this ~amd64 system. Having
49 several earlier versions of a package conveniently tarballed comes in very
50 handy for troubleshooting and bug tracing, sometimes, in addition to the
51 convenient package and system restore abilities. IMO, the handbook should
52 spend a bit more time on this very useful portage feature!
54 Reading the back-list gave me a new appreciation for the dep-resolver, and
55 just how important and complex it is, as well. That there are as few
56 issues as there are with it, indeed, with running Gentoo in general due to
57 it, is a testament indeed to the talent of portage devs, both current and
58 former (DRobbins), and to those in FBSD and the like from which he
59 borrowed ideas. A VERY BIG thanks for that, as well as the fancy
60 whiz-bang stuff that tends to get all the attention.
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