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Subject: Re: [gentoo-portage-dev] Undo feature in portage-ng ?
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 21:11:41
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1 Yo,
2 If you mean uninstalling an installed application, then portage is
3 capable of that. After you emerge something as such:
4 emerge thissocoolapplication -v
5 all you have to do to undo the changes that the above command made is
6 this:
7 emerge unmerge thissocoolapplication -v
8 .
10 Notice a few things. emerge unmerge does not remove files from
11 cfgprotected directed such as /etc or /lib/modules/*/ and there are some
12 others.. so those files will have to be removed manually.. they will
13 show up as a "--- cfgpro NAMEOFFILE" listing in the output of the
14 uninstall command.. those are the ones u have to manually remove.. on
15 the other hand.. u could just change the environment variable
16 'CONFIG_PROTECT', to empty.. and then "emerge unmerge":
17 export CONFIG_PROTECT=""
18 emerge unmerge ...
20 if u go to /var/db/pkg, you can see all the info for all the packages
21 installed, like what files were installed and other cool stuff
23 alternatively.. u can install gentoolkit which installs the qpkg
24 command, which can be used to query information about installed and not
25 yet installed packages via.. "qpkg -l PACKAGENAME"
30 now if u mean recording the entire state of the filesystem that has been
31 installed by portage at some point (like an emerge snapshot) and
32 reverting back to that snapshot from some other point of time.. well..
33 that hasn't been done..
36 --31337357 313373 93n700 H4(|<3|2
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39 On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 13:27, humbaba@×××.net wrote:
40 > Hi
41 > I was wandering whether the are plans to implement a kind of undo function in portage-ng or even portage.
42 > It would be very nice to have an option in emerge wich makes portage to record all the changes that are done during an emerge, so you can later undo this changes.
43 > Somthing like:
44 > emerge kde-3.2 --record-changes-in /path/to/file
45 > and when you want get back to the previour version/state of system:
46 > emerge --undo-changes /path/to/file
47 >
48 > I hope this is the right place to ask for such things. When it is not (please let me know), I appolozise.
49 >
50 > Thanks
51 >
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53 > gentoo-portage-dev@g.o mailing list
54 >
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