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Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Re: How to have several gentoo repos on one machine?
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 02:29:36
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In Reply to: [gentoo-portage-dev] How to have several gentoo repos on one machine? by Joakim Tjernlund
1 Joakim Tjernlund posted on Wed, 21 Oct 2015 11:08:02 +0000 as excerpted:
3 > I need to more than one gentoo repo in my computer.
4 >
5 > So I add to repos.conf:
6 > [tm-cusfpv3]
7 > auto-sync = yes
8 > sync-type = rsync
9 > sync-uri = rsync://
10 > location = /usr/local/portage/tm-cusfpv3
11 >
12 > this did not work as "portageq repositories_configuration /" complains:
13 > !!! Section 'tm-cusfpv3' in repos.conf has name different from
14 > repository name 'gentoo' set inside repository
15 >
16 > I figured the name in repos.conf would just override
17 > /usr/local/portage/tm-cusfpv3/profiles/repo_name ?
19 While it's not quite clear to me either why you'd need two identical
20 gentoo repos (and if they're not identical, why is the non-gentoo-
21 official mirror still using the gentoo name?) or exactly what this config-
22 line does, the aliases= attribute, along with force=aliases, in
23 repos.conf, may be what you're looking for.
25 See the portage (5) manpage, repos.conf section, attributes supported in
26 sections of repositories subsection, under aliases and force.
27 Unfortunately, the description for aliases is anything but clear, tho the
28 usage (including comment) further down in the example subsection does
29 help some.
31 If that doesn't help, then while the portage devs may have some other
32 suggestions, the workaround that occurs to me is to use rsync's exclude/
33 filter options, so rsync ignores that file and doesn't sync it. I do[1]
34 that with a few custom files/dirs that I don't want synced, and rsync
35 ignores them just as I told it to. =:^)
37 See the rsync (1) manpage, --exclude, --exclude-from, --include, --
38 include-from and --filter=RULE options, as well as the filter rules,
39 include/exclude pattern rules, and anchoring include/exclude patterns
40 sections. However, be prepared to spend a bit of time studying, as these
41 options are very powerful/flexible/configurable and thus take some time
42 to figure out.
44 Once you have rsync ignoring the repo_name file, you can rename it as you
45 like.
47 However, do be aware that (as the repos.conf force option docs mention)
48 messing with this is very likely to invalidate the pre-generated metadata
49 cache, and if you don't regenerate it (egencache), portage will take a
50 *VERY* long time figuring stuff out, *MUCH* longer than usual, as it
51 won't have the benefit of the metadata cache for that repo.
53 Which again has me asking why you need two separate gentoo repos. Either
54 they're identical and the one should suffice, or the unofficial one
55 should be named something other than gentoo. In fact, at least in
56 theory, in addition to all the headaches not using a different name is
57 forcing on users, that's potentially trademark violation if it's publicly
58 available, different from the official gentoo mirror, and yet still
59 calling itself gentoo.
61 ---
62 [1] rsync exclude options: I actually use gentoo's git-based usersync repo
63 on github, now, and thus don't rsync any repos all any more, here, and
64 git of course has its git-ignore feature/files, which I use now. But I
65 used rsync's exclude as suggested above, for years. Worked fine. =:^)
67 --
68 Duncan - List replies preferred. No HTML msgs.
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70 and if you use the program, he is your master." Richard Stallman


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