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Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] slow dependency checking
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:57:57
Message-Id: 1118504067.11694.173.camel@localhost
1 I believe I have found an error in the way porthole is using portage.
3 After an emerge sync which had a large number of update downloaded. I
4 switched to our upgrades view which stated building the treeview.
6 It was extremely slow, something I had noticed from time to time but did
7 not know why. It usually finished before I determined why. This time
8 using gnome system monitor I was able to determine that it was portage
9 doing repeated calls to " depend" for different packages.
11 After it is complete a db reload and new upgrades list is quick again.
13 Am I correct in that the imported instance of portage was still using
14 the old metadata cache at the time of import? Even though the cache was
15 updated at the end of the sync. After a sync we should re-initialize
16 our instance of portage for it to use the new cache?
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18 Brian <dol-sen@×××××.net>
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