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From: Pieter Van den Abeele <pvdabeel@g.o>
To: gentooppc-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentooppc-dev] ghostscript
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:46:55

I've got some problems emerging ghostscript. The process starts looping
forever when running ./obj/genarch ./obj/arch.h (making espgs-7.05.3).

Could anyone (on a G4) machine test if he/she can (re)build ghostscript?
Running make distclean && ./configure && make inside the espgs
work directory doesn't work for me. Could this looping be related to the
changing from GNU ghostscript to ESP ghostscript? I have absolutely no clue why some
people are able to emerge ghostscript on ppc.

Best regards,


Pieter Van den Abeele
pvdabeel@××××××.be - pvdabeel@g.o


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