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From: Stuart Jansen <sjansen@×××.edu>
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Subject: [gentooppc-dev] Re: [gentooppc-user] ppc KEYWORDS (aka why ebuilds may not be found)
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:30:43
Message-Id: 1029263289.3922.44.camel@diligence
In Reply to: [gentooppc-dev] ppc KEYWORDS (aka why ebuilds may not be found) by Mark Guertin
I don't want to sound ungrateful. I love Gentoo and _really_ appreciate
the work you all have done. I hope to contribute as my knowledge of
Gentoo improves and work/school allow.

That said, let me say that as a user I've been very frustrated by the
handling of this change. I subscribe to the lists for the very purpose
of being informed of these changes. Unfortunately, the ebuilds  started
to change more than four days before the announcement was sent out. It
seems to me this is the opposite of what should have happened.

Now that that's off my chest, I'll see if I have some time to build and
test this evening. Thanks again for making such a wonderful distro
available on ppc.

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 14:49, Mark Guertin wrote:
> We have moved ahead to the next step of QA for the ppc Gentoo world. As some > users may have noticed, we now have ppc KEYWORDS, meaning that if the build > has not been tested and verified on ppc, it will not have the ppc KEYWORD set > in it, and it will show up as a masked build. There are ways of installing > this build, and this will tell you how. > > 1) you can install any pkg file by directly calling the ebuild file, > regardless of KEYWORDS. i.e. emerge > /usr/portage/app-editors/joe/joe-2.9.5.ebuild would install that pkg even if > there is no ppc keyword set. > > 2) This will not work automagically for installing any DEPENDs of this ebuild. > If there are also DEPENDs that are not keyworded with ppc, you will have to > manually install them first using the method above. > > 3) **VERY IMPORTANT** : In order to help us ppc developers get more things > tested and keyworded, if you do happen to use this method and the build(s) > you installed work, please please report it either by emailing the > gentooppc-dev@g.o list with the report of the exact build(s) you > installed, or talking to a ppc dev in IRC, at in > #gentoo-ppc. The same goes for any verified non-working builds (that don't > already have -ppc in them) > > The more builds we can get tested and added , the better things wil be for > every ppc user and there are still many untested builds, we add ppc keywords > daily. Thanks for everyone's help to make Gentoo PPC the best distro it can > be. > > Gerk > _______________________________________________ > gentooppc-user mailing list > gentooppc-user@g.o >
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