Gentoo Archives: gentoo-ppc-dev

From: Mark Guertin <gerk@g.o>
To: gentooppc-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentooppc-dev] death of my portage
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:50:10
Hello All

Well, on 2 of my 3 ppc boxen portage has died today (and I was blamed on 
killing it by doing a ^C which is supposedly the cause all my problems - 

There are far too many things going on inside portage right now to keep up to 
things, so until the new version of portage drobbins has talked about is out 
(possibly some time next week) and I can redo all my boxen I will not be 
doing much of anything in portage.

We HAVE to educated x86 people immediately on not killing our ARCH and/or 
ebuilds in general.  It is simply just NOT ok to push a new ebuild with 
absolutely no testing unless it is a simple typeo fix, etc.  

I have been fighting this losing battle pretty much by myself for the past 
week and don't have time tospend like this on things.  With Pieter still out 
of comission, Doc and daybird are going to be sparadically avail over the 
summer and trance just getting up to speed on things it leaves myself and 
kainz (who is up to his eyeballs working in kernels right now) to hold down 
the fort.

I have been fixing 4-5 builds/mask problems daily (that are most often fixups 
for bad updates pushed by other devs), not to mention working on new ebuilds, 
etc.  Those 4-5 things are things that work one day, next day they are broken 
and has happened almost every single day since I started as a dev.

I updated my portage tree on one machine today (tree was 3 days old), and 
there were over 100 (one hundred) changes to the portage tree in 3 days, this 
is getting rediculous...for example , (still unkown how or why even after I 
spent most o the morning digging thru cvs logs) binutils got opened up to the 
world today with a version that (thanks goodness it didnt actually try to 
install itself) would have literally destroyed functionality on all ppc 
user's machines that installed it, irrecoverably.  Things are out of control, 
we need QA and we need it _NOW_ damnit!

I also ask (on behalf of peeps in #gentoo-dev) that anyone making changes to 
packages or packages.mask filesplease put your name and date in with a 
comment on ALL changes.  This applies to all developers and since 2 ppc devs 
(no names ;) broke this rule within the last 12 hours I was asked by drobbins 
to metnion this to the peeps in question. ;)

Overly frustrated and taking a break