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To: Stefan Bruda <bruda@×××××××××××.ca>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-ppc-dev] Native 64-bit on G5: A status report
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 17:50:52
In Reply to: [gentoo-ppc-dev] Native 64-bit on G5: A status report by Stefan Bruda
Stefan Bruda wrote:

>Hi. > >Turing ( is a dual G5 (the 2GHz variety), >and it runs a 64-bit Gentoo installation (used to be Yellow Dog Linux, >really on-line in its Gentoo incarnation since yesterday). To be more >precise this is a development machine plus a HTTP/mail/IMAP server on >the side, and as far as I can tell everything in this respect runs >mostly smoothly (exceptions shall be summarized shortly). > > >
Greetings, xorg is now marked stable on ppc64. The bits for running native X with either an ATI card or NV card now works.
>What does not run (at all) is X, the server >(x11-base/xorg-x11-6.7.0-r1) segfaults upon loading the bitmap module >or something (I am not at the console right now so I cannot run it, >but in any case it dies very early in the startup process) so not even >Xeasyconf has any chance to complete whatsoever. This is by no means a >huge problem but I will eventually like to make use of the nice Apple >Studio display (and get rid of the second machine in my office which I >use as a remote GUI), so advice is appreciated. > >In any case, here is a summary of the installation process. The >installed stuff (and all the dependencies) works as far as I can tell, >except as noted in the list below. > >At this time my ACCEPT_KEYWORDS has the value "~ppc64 ppc" but I set >the variable individually for packages during the initial install to >see what is keyworded how. If no entry appears in the "additional >keywords" in the table below, it means that the respective package >(and its dependencies, except those installed before) are keyworded as >~ppc64. > >
You'll want to remove ppc from your keywords. At the moment one can not mix and match the two. That can cause no end of trouble!
>The uname/arch trick refers to the replacement of uname and arch by >the following, respectively: > > /bin/uname $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 | sed -e s/ppc64/ppc/ > /bin/arch $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 | sed -e s/ppc64/ppc/ > >In one instance, CHOST had to be changed as well. The formulation "USE >+=" stands for adding whatever follows to the USE flags. > >Anyhow, FYI here is the table of what has been installed and >how. Advice on the enumerated problems is really appreciated, >expecially the problems with X and uname -a segfaulting. > >--------------+----------+---------------------------------------------- >emerged additional notes > keywords >--------------+----------+---------------------------------------------- >sync >bootstrap-2.6 no NTPL, which posed problems afterwards >system problems with current coreutils, > '=coreutils-5.2.0-r2' works > except that uname -a segfaults >xorg-x11 builds fine but segfaults upon startup >apache >sendmail ppc >uw-imap ppc >kernel Character devices: rtc, agp miss headers >(2.6.7-rc0) Sound: Powermac devices choke >gentoolkit >vim Segfaults on exit >sysklogd >vixie-cron >pciutils >reiserfsprogs >zip ppc >cvs >qt >boost >ibm-jdk-bin ppc >tmpwatch ppc >logwatch ppc >root-tail ppc >openmotif ~ppc >lesstif ppc >xemacs ppc >pth ppc CHOST="powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu" >gnupg-1.9.8 ~x86 problems with official app-crypt/gnupg-1.2.4 > gnupg-1.9.8 installs > BUT: patches for 1.2.4 also available (bug 54814) >mozilla patched (ebuild + source, bug 54843), > -O2 used, segfaults (epiphany however works); > -O1 produces ICE >epiphany ~ppc ppc chhokes >glut ppc uname/arch trick >gnome-cups- >manager ~ppc ppc chokes >gnome ppc graphviz (needed by doxygen) chokes > ==> USE += -doc >xmms ppc >xscreensaver ppc >lshw ppc >latex2html ppc >bind-tools uname/arch trick >gkrellm ppc >gkrellm-themes ~ppc >gkrellm- >trayicons ppc >gkrellmlaunch ppc >gkrellm-volume ppc >logrotate >curl >emerge mod_php ppc USE += "-truetype -fdftk" > with truetype required a lower, unbuildable freetype!! >procmail >spamassasin ppc >netkit-fingerd ppc >nmap ppc >ipx-utils x86 >ncpfs *** ebuild fails, manual installation works OK!! >pine ppc >netkit-telnetd ppc >--------------+----------+---------------------------------------------- > > >
I'm not sure what to gander from this list. Are you saying you emerged some of these packages as ppc when you're on a ppc64 box running the 64 bit gentoo? Anyway what you can do that can be quite quite helpful is if there are packages that do not have ppc64 or ~ppc64 in their ebuild and when you add them and they build and work, then open a bug in state the package and make sure you mark it for the ppc64 architecture and cc ppc64@g.o. Thanks!
>Let me know if this report is of some use in other places, and I will >submit it (I already submitted it to the fora). > >Cheers, >Stefan > > >
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