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From: Luca Barbato <lu_zero@g.o>
To: gentoo-ppc-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-ppc-dev] PS3 and crossdev
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 20:38:01
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-ppc-dev] PS3 and crossdev by Jason
Jason wrote:
> Luca Barbato wrote: >> Jason wrote: >>> Close. No, I wasn't checking the logs (because I'm shotgunning through >>> all the ebuilds for gcc-4.3.0 till one works, hopefully). Yes, I was >>> exporting I_PROMISE_NOT_TO_BE_A_DUMBASS=1.... >>> >>> However, On closer inspection, when I did 'crossdev --g >>> 4.3.0_alphaYYYYMMDD ... powerpc64' crossdev wasn't using the version of >>> gcc I specified. It was using the latest, which doesn't build >>> successfully. So now I'm trying to figure out how to specify the >>> _exact_ ebuild. >>> >> >> Please send me the error log, it's quite strange that it fails. >> > [error log sent offline] > > Just an update, I fixed the version thing in crossdev. Somewhere along > the line I (yeah, problem between keyboard and chair) added some kung-fu > to package.{mask,unmask,keywords} to get gcc-4.3.0. This was back > before I was specifying the version to crossdev. Upon review of the > crossdev code, I saw that if I specified the version number, it should > do the mask/unmasking on its own. Sure nough. Undo my hack and the > version specification works. > > Well, so far both of these have failed: > > # crossdev --b 2.17 --g 4.3.0 --k 2.6.20-r2 --l 2.5 powerpc64 > > The above pulls in gcc-4.3.0_alpha20070406. > > # crossdev --b 2.17 --g 4.3.0_alpha20070330 --k 2.6.20-r2 --l 2.5 powerpc64 > >
Note: /var/tmp/cross/powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu/portage/cross-powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu/gcc-4.3.0_alpha20070406/work/gcc-4.3-20070406/libgcc/../libdecnumber/decContext.c:34:38: error: string.h: No such file or directory and such... looks like it doesn't find the system headers... lu -- Luca Barbato Gentoo/linux Gentoo/PPC -- gentoo-ppc-dev@g.o mailing list