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Subject: [gentoo-ppc-user] Hwclock error
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 20:12:24
Hi folks,
    Here where I work we received a G4 computer and I started to install a
Gentoo 2006.0. The computer is a G4 2 CPU's 512MB of memory 2 HD, I started
to install Gentoo 2006.0 from stage 1 and everything gone well. I installed
with cpu flag as G4 and O2.
    But when the computer restarted a problem appeared with hwclock, when I
execute the hwclock an error appear. The error is something like: "select()
to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out" and the date in Linux stay
1970, the bios time is correctly because when I boot the Gento CD the
hwclock work perfectly. I already recompiled the kernel with many options
but nothing solve the problem.
    I believe that the problem is with some kernel option that I forgot or
some patch, because in the Gentoo CD the hwclock works perfectly. What
kernel option or patch can be solve the problem? Hints?
    Best regards.

Fernando Simon


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