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From: Pete Peters <ppeters914@×××××.com>
To: "GentooPPC (E-mail)" <gentooppc-user@g.o>
Subject: [gentooppc-user] What Macs are supported?
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:32:57
Message-Id: 000a01c1eba5$f59309f0$f154e40c@c1603056a
I saw a similar question recently asked, but never answered. I'm assuming
(which is always dangerous, lol) that any NewWorld Mac (G3 and later) are
little or no problem using yaboot. However, what about OldWorld Macs (like
my PPC9500) with or without G3/G4 upgrade cards? There's no compatibility
list on the web site nor any mention of what Macs are being used as test
platforms. Heck, the few posts to this forum almost never state what model
Mac the sender has.

After reading the TuxPPC Review on Gentoo, I'm very curious to try it out. I
like the roll-your-own/run-only-what-you-need concept.


Pete Peters <ppeters914@×××××.com
Seattle, WA