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From: Charles Trois <charles.trois@×××××××.fr>
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Subject: [gentoo-ppc-user] Booting Gentoo 2006.1 on an iMac
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 15:38:01

I am having trouble while installing 2006.1 on my iMac. I have made 
other installations before, but never had this problem.
I am using the Universal ppc disk, and I have followed strictly all the 
steps in the 2006.1 handbook. I have not made any modules, everything is 
in the kernel.

What happens is that, on the final reboot, I see 10 or 15 lines of text 
(is that the Open Firmware part?) that disappear immediately. Then there 
is nothing, and I have to cut the power to go on.

I have also made a more complete version of yaboot.conf with macos, 
macosx, etc. Then the bootloader shows these options (ignores 
enablecdboot and enableofboot, though). Typing x for macosx
starts it normally, but l for linux fails as described above.

This is done without an Internet connexion. I haven't got one yet 
because my new modem is a Speedtouch 510v5 Ethernet type, which works 
very well with osx, but is notoriously troublesome with Linux (but this 
is another affair).

I should be grateful for any hints.

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