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From: David Friedlander <david@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-ppc-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-ppc-user] xorg.conf for Mac G4 mini
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:54:30
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-ppc-user] xorg.conf for Mac G4 mini by Joseph Jezak
Hello, Joe and JR:

Thank to both of you for your help; it took me until now to find the  
time to once again find time to
fiddle with this problem.

The symptom is that the monitor gives a message that there's no signal  
and goes away.  Terminating X
with some combination :-) of shift keys and the delete key brings back  
a text terminal.  A very lengthy log
file gets generated, but to the best of my ability I can not find any  
indication of an error in it.

Checked the FAQ, but I'm not clear how to "set the correct framebuffer  
device" -- or what that might mean.

Probably my blindness, if you can direct me I'll be grateful.

Here's the output from xac:
dfminigentoo ~ # xac --dump
Machine Name: PowerMac10,1
Video Cards Found:
  * ATI Radeon Yb - (0:16:0)
	Detected as: ATI Radeon Open Driver

Framebuffer Info:
	Accel ID: 38
	Name String: ATI Radeon Yb
	Depth PP: 8

	ID:  SNY5011
	SN:  16843009
	DT:  [31, 2000]
	EV:  (1, 2)
	VI:  {'serration_vsync': 0, 'blank_to_black': 0, 'sync_on_green': 1,  
'composite_sync': 1, 'video_level': 0, 'seperate_sync': 1, 'digital': 0}
	SZ:  (33, 24)
	GA:  2.2
	FS:  {'suspend': 1, 'gtf': 1, 'standby': 1, 'prefered_timing': 1,  
'rgb': 0, 'display_type': 1, 'active_off': 1}
	CC:  {'red_y': 0.33984375, 'red_x': 0.625, 'blue_y': 0.0703125,  
'blue_x': 0.1552734375, 'white_y': 0.2978515625, 'white_x':  
0.283203125, 'green_y': 0.599609375, 'green_x': 0.2802734375}
	ET:  [[720, 400, 70], [640, 480, 75], [640, 480, 67]]
	MD:  [['Detailed Timing', {'stereo': 0, 'vborder': 0, 'vimage_size':  
234, 'hsync_offset': 16, 'horizontal_active': 640,  
'horizontal_blanking': 160, 'vsync_pulse_width': 2, 'interlaced': 0,  
'pixel_clock': 54793, 'hborder': 0, 'vertical_blanking': 49,  
'digital_composite': 3, 'vertical_active': 400, 'vsync_offset': 12,  
'variant': 2, 'himage_size': 312, 'hsync_pulse_width': 96}], ['Range',  
{'v_max': 65, 'h_min': 30, 'h_max': 60, 'v_min': 50}], ['Name', 'SDM- 
N50PS'], ['Serial', '0140495']]
	HE:  0

I get something a bit more laconic from Xorgautoconfig as follows:
dfminigentoo ~ # Xorgautoconfig --dump
Dumping Debugging Information:
	Machine ID:	PowerMac10,1

	EDID Tag:	SNY5011
	H-Min: 30 H-Max: 60 V-Min: 50 V-Max: 60
	Card Dump:
		Framebuffer Id:		ATI Radeon Yb
		Framebuffer Type:	38
		Framebuffer Depth:	16

JR, Thanks for the link and advice, but it didn't get me any further.   
I used to do this configuration quite a bit, but in recent years it  
hasn't been necessary.


On Jul 16, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Joseph Jezak wrote:

> Joseph Jezak wrote: >> David Friedlander wrote: >> >>> Hello, all! >>> >>> I'm having the damnedest time getting X to run on my Mac Mini >>> 1.25Ghz >>> (Radeon 9200 processor). I've wasted a lot of time following >>> various >>> web instructions, but to no avail. One issue, of course, is the >>> right >>> xorg.conf file. Another one may be (in some people's opinion is) >>> arguments to the Linux kernel/yaboot. >>> >>> I see on this list that there has been some discussion on this >>> subject. However, the configuration files that apparently were once >>> posted on web sites are no longer available. >>> >>> I wonder if anyone who has done this would be willing to part with >>> the >>> sacred mysteries. >>> >>> David >>> >>> >> To begin with, as directed in the Gentoo PPC FAQ, make sure that >> you've >> set the correct framebuffer device. You can check which one you >> have set >> by running Xorgautoconfig --dump. If you could paste that info into a >> message, that would be helpful too. What exactly is the problem that >> you're having? Most machines actually configure themselves >> automatically >> now without an xorg.conf file. >> >> -Joe >> >> > Haha, I can tell it's been a while since I've helped people with X > issues. :) The application you should be using for X issues is "xac" > now, which replaced Xorgautoconfig. I wrote both of them, you'd think > I'd be able to keep it straight... > > -Joe >


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