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From: Calum Selkirk <cselkirk@×××××.com>
To: gentooppc-user@g.o
Subject: [gentooppc-user] Fwd: Announce: KDE 3.0.1 20020604 (3.0.x snapshot) available
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 07:41:43
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> Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 23:02:13 +0300 > From: Dan Armak <danarmak@g.o> > Reply-To: gentoo-user@g.o > To: gentoo-announce@g.o, gentoo-dev@g.o, > gentoo-user@g.o > Subject: Announce: KDE 3.0.1 20020604 (3.0.x snapshot) available
> Hello everyone, > > I'm now unmasking a new set of KDE ebuilds, version > This is the 3.0.1 release, patched to the 20020604 (i.e. June 4th) > state of the kde cvs's KDE_3_0 branch. In other words, this is the 3.0 > release with all the 3.0.1 bugfixes and then some. It contains no new > features from the kde cvs head, only new bugfixes, so it's > ultra-stable. Enjoy! > > Note: the only ebuild-side change of this release is in the > kdebindings ebuild, which now has mozilla bindings support conditional > on the mozilla USE flag. > > Note 2: In a day or two, a new QT ebuild of the same kind (i.e. with > recent bugfixes from the QT cvs and the kde cvs qt-copy module) will > be released. In particular, it will fix the drastic slowdown which > caused qt 3.0.4 and to be masked on the ppc platform. Mark > Guertin from the Gentoo-ppc team is behind that. > > Note 3: I'll soon commit a nice new kdevelop ebuild which will install > the long-lost C/CPP reference, precompiled kdelibs documentation and > (I hope) a workable htdig config file. > > Note 4: Once I have some more free time (in a couple of weeks), I'll > resume active maintainership of the KDE cvs ebuilds. I'm glad they're > of use to people. > > Happy Gentooing! >