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From: Alvaro Zuniga <alvaro@××××××××××××.com>
To: Phil Cryer <phil@×××××.us>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-ppc-user] Gentoo 1-4.rc7 LiveCD on a 350Mhz iMac - X trouble
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 18:06:00
In Reply to: [gentoo-ppc-user] Gentoo 1-4.rc7 LiveCD on a 350Mhz iMac - X trouble by Phil Cryer
Hi Phil,

I am attaching a configuration file that I  saved while running 
Yellowdog. I was trying Debian and Mandrake and I could not get X going 
on neither of those. Yellowdog and Gentoo were the two I could use.

Notice that this XF86config is for a G4 with the Apple studio display. 
However, it has some modelines specific to the imac. Also, did you try 
the conmmand:

    XFree86 -configure

This is what the man pages say about it and it worked great on my computer.

               When this option is specified, the X  server  loads  all  
               driver  modules,  probes for available hardware, and 
writes out
               an initial XF86Config(5x) file  based  on  what  was  
               This  option currently has some problems on some 
platforms, but
               in most cases it is a good way to bootstrap  the  
               process.   This option is only available when the server 
is run
               as root (i.e, with real-uid 0).

After you do this you might want to check for your mouse because as I 
recall the imac has a USB mouse. The input device under Gentoo is 

Good luck,

Alvaro Zuniga

Phil Cryer wrote:

>I downloaded and burned the live GentooPPC with Gnome. Tried it out on my >daughters 350Mhz (slot loading) iMac with 512Megs RAM. Disk boots up fine and >get's into Gentoo (so nice to see on her little iMac), but once I get done >running Xeasyconf, I can't get X running. No screens found regardless of how >many times I try/retry to configure the video. Does anyone have this running? >What settings were used? > >It's very exciting to have this option, should be fun to start mailing my >Maconly friends some cdrs with this for them to try out. I'm planning on trying >it out here at work today on a dual 800 box too. > >Thanks >P > > >


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