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Subject: RE: [gentooppc-user] BootX problem
Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 11:01:42
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In Reply to: Re: [gentooppc-user] BootX problem by Rob Raines
IIRC, there were problems w/ BootX and OS 9.x. Seems there was a thread on
that on the YellowDogLinux list a year or so ago. I don't remember the
solution being "extensions off," but, hey, if it works.....


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On 4/30/02 8:27 AM, "Ben Sayer" <bsayer@×××××××.net> wrote:

> >> I picked up a bit of the answer from a SuSE readme file. It specifies >> that if one gets a crc error during the boot, one should restart MacOS >> without extensions (hold down the shift key) and then repeat the BootX >> procedure. This does indeed work for me in that I get to a very different >> part of the installation process (keymap selection). > > I found that, in addition to the above, I needed to create symlinks for / > usr/bin/cat, /usr/bin/cut, /usr/bin/clear, and /sbin/ifconfig to busybox > in the initrd image then use the new image as a ramdisk. The emerge rsync > is in progess now... > > P.S. I found that turning virtual memory off in MacOS was what was > required to end the crc error--booting without extensions accomplished > this (and more). > > --Ben
Hey it works! I booted up my mac w extensions off, and booted bootx and I actually got the installer. My mac is running 9.1 so some older OS's might run fine. I can now actually start playing with this thing. Rob
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