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Subject: Re: [gentoo-ppc-user] configuring X on a PM 7500
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 22:56:04
In Reply to: [gentoo-ppc-user] configuring X on a PM 7500 by Andrew Gaffney
You might try setting a default bit depth of 8, 15 or 16 (15 is 
better).  I think the 24 bit is the problem, that it cannot do a 24bit 
screen.  The Mach64 GT is notoriously problematic chipset :(

Also what video driver are you booting with?  If you've set the "no 
video driver" option in BootX this will cause you problems as X can't 
run with the ati driver if you're running offb.  a quick dmesg  | grep 
fb should tell you what video driver you are using.


On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at 06:54 PM, Andrew Gaffney wrote:

> After almost a day of compiling, I've got X installed on my PowerMac > 7500. Unfortunately, I can't get X working right. I keep getting that > annoying "No screens found" error message. I originally tried using 'X > -configure' and tweaking it from there. I specified the HorizSync and > VertRefresh from > <> for my > monitor. I tried using the fbdev driver instead of the ati driver. X > starts, but the color is very, very messed up. I tried using Xeasyconf > and using all the default options. That didn't get me anywhere either. > Here's my current XF86Config as generated by Xeasyconf: >
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