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From: Lloyd D Budd <lloyd@×××××××××××.com>
To: PPC Gentoo Users <gentoo-ppc-user@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-ppc-user] PPC 1.4_rc7 comments on install instruct
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 09:09:49
Message-Id: 1056272986.445.30.camel@fool

Gentoo on PPC is tasty!  

I succeeded in getting gentoo installed from GentooPPC_1.4_rc7 LivedCD
on my G4 733 using doc/en/gentoo-ppc-install.xml .  Next steps will be
xwindow / desktop setup and cfg.

I thought I would pass on some comments now before I forget -- in case
the issues are not my machine or PEBCAK.

Two interesting details about my cfg:
+ I have installed a 2nd hard drive specifically for Linux
+ airport is my connection to network/internet

Possible issues with the doc / CD:

yaboot instructions for separate drive is incorrect.  'yabootconfig'
fails from chroot env, there is an option for "chroot disk" see 'man'
pg.  Aside, from live CD in chroot env hdc, hdd not detected (listed by
mac-dfisk) -- I discovered this when still trying to get 'yabootconfig'
to work in chroot env.  

Format a blank, 2nd hard drive using mac-fdisk.  bootstrap partition: b
<enter> 0 <enter>  

yabootconfig does not include any 'delay=n' in yaboot.conf .  12 default
is great for while setting up.

eth0 and eth1 reversed on install, likely because I built airport
support right into kernel, as opposed to module (ethernet still module).

May want to include suggestion for saving output from 'dmesg' on boot
from livecd -- useful for later figuring kernel cfg, etc when boot from

'make menuconfig' may want to doc reminder to include the support for
file system used, example ext3.  More generally, the default menuconfig
could be better, particularly after booting from a live CD.

Based on feedback if I get around to it sometime in July I will submit
patch(s).  Of course, some of these can be solved in the software.

Thank you for bringing Gentoo to my home desktop,

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