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From: Corey Shields <cshields@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-pr] LWE-SF booth
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 21:49:59

This is just a note to bring everyone together on the same page for what we 
have planned for the LWE-SF booth, and a request for comment/ideas.

Indiana University will be supplying a trade show display, along with the 
computer systems that will be used for the booth.

We put up the display today and put the gentoo poster up  (with some more 
velcro, the poster will look better when we put it up at SF, this was just to 
see how big it would be on the display).  Check it out at the following url:

It is 10 feet wide (with the curvature) so it will be a tight fit in our 10 
foot booth.  However, I think it will make a great impression, especially 
compared to the other .org booths we will be out there with.  If for some 
reason it will not fit, we can shorten it by 2 feet with a few modifications.  
I'd rather not do that because then we might not be able to use the 
spotlights or have enough space for additional signage.

The request I have of all of you is about additional posters.  We have 2 feet 
of space (width) on each side of the big poster, we could put smaller 
informational posters there.  The question is, what do we want to put?  One 
idea is to take quotes from websites and magazines that Gentoo has been 
featured in, and just put a bunch of random quotes of praise up. For example, 
"if all you want is a solid Linux system to operate your standard internet 
enabled services like LAMP, you can't do better than Gentoo Linux." (quoted 
from   Any other 
thoughts/ideas for additional posters?  I need ideas and content by the end 
of this week to make it happen.

Also, we will have a table in front of the background display.  This table 
will have 3 gentoo boxes:  the center box will just be a display running a 
presentation loop  (the presentation will highlight features of gentoo and 
the gentoo projects).  The other 2 boxes on each side of the center display 
will have keyboards & mice to play around with as demos.  People in the booth 
can demonstrate portage, config files, etc. as booth visitors come up with 
questions and such.  If we have a 6 foot table (which seems to be the 
consensus), we could set the displays up in a U configuration, with the 
center screen facing outward with the presentation, and the 2 screens with 
keyboards facing the sides.  A couple of feet of room on each side of the 
table should be enough to walk a visitor up to the screen and show it off, 
while getting him/her out of the way of the presentation running in the 
middle.  If this doesn't work due to space, we can face all 3 outward, but it 
could be problematic.  the signage on the booth display should clear the 
table and the computers  (if not, the G logo sure will).  see the url above, 
the display is about 7 feet high.

Any special requests for the demo boxes?  We will stage and install them here 
at IU before shipping them to San Francisco.  This is to eliminate the 
problem that comes whenever people try to build the demos on the floor 24 
hours before the show starts.  I was only at last year's LWE-SF booth so I 
didn't see how it worked in NY, but it didn't seem to work well that way from 
my point of view.

Ben will be working on a work schedule for those who volunteered.  Basically, 
we want to avoid having too many people (>3) at the booth at any given time.  
No loitering, please.  Plus, there will be no place in the booth to dump your 
swag.  take it back to the hotel or carry a backpack..  We only have a 10 
foot square booth, and that is not much space to work in.   Ben will chime in 
later to work out some kind of schedule.



(I've cc'ed my coworkers here at IU for their information.. some of them are 
helping out from our end of things)

Corey Shields - Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Team

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