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From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
To: gentoo-pr@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-pr] I'm back, TODO list
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 08:12:44
Hi all,

I'm back again and will start on getting everything on its feet. 

The first move I'll make is to publicise Simon's backgrounds on and
start writing a Presentation-HOWTO, which will inform the user how to create a
presentation based on certain guidelines. Those guidelines should be strict and
clear. Given those guidelines, the presentations have to be readable by all
users, easy to follow, easy to print, etc. I will do some research on the
possible guidelines and report those to the mailinglist. 

You know, all the things you dislike about certain presentations shouldn't be
allowed :)

At the same time I'll start asking input from other Gentoo projects about their
mission statement, development roadmap, etc. Issues that are important, not only
for the project members but also outsiders that want to know what is going on in
a project. This information needs to be made public on their project pages. 

Based on that information those projects should be able to create a presentation
about themselves ("Gentoo Cluster Project", "Gentoo Hardened Project", "Gentoo
Kernel Project", "Gentoo Documentation Project", ...) which should be made

We might also want to start writing up a nice document on the upcoming 2004.0
release. Based on the information given from the releng team
( and input from all projects we should be
able to have a nice announce text ready. I'm not sure if Daniel wants to do the
honours here - if so, our job is to make sure that all relevant news sites are
informed about the release. 

Another thing I want to start thinking about is how we can leverage the
awareness to gain more coverage in both press and community. This includes
providing more in-depth information on current development projects in Gentoo 
(foremost in the GWN, but also in other sources). 

	Sven Vermeulen

  FOSDEM 2004               Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting
  21 - 22 februari          Brussels, Belgium     Documentation & PR              swift@g.o


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