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From: Olivier Fisette <ribosome@g.o>
To: gentoo-pr@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-pr] Fwd: Proposition - Gentoo 2007.1
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 14:47:22

I received the following message a few days ago; I forwarded it to 
pr@g.o but received no answer, so I am sending it again on the mailing 
list. Since it is in French and I have no idea whether someone in our PR team 
understands French, I am also including a translation.

This might be an opportunity to further Gentoo's visibility, but I wonder if 
it is realistic for us to write 36 pages of 2007.1 related material. Maybe we 
can reuse some of our online documentation? I also wonder if the articles 
have to be written in French, as the magazine has both English and French 
versions. We probably want to know before asking the devs for articles.

I will let you PR-monkeys deal with this, but I might be interested in 
contributing something, especially if the articles are in French. I suppose 
you can mail Sonny Gaviola in English, but if you ever need a French-speaking 
person, feel free to contact me. (I sent a mail to Sonny Gaviola telling him 
I forwarded his request to our PR-team.)

Kind regards,


----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

Subjet: Proposition - Gentoo 2007.1
Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2007
From: Sonny Gaviola <cooperation@××××××××.com>
To: ribosome@g.o


Je m'appelle Sonny Gaviola et je travaille pour le magazine Linux

Je voudrais vous proposer l'écriture d'articles au sujet de Gentoo
Linux, la version 2007.1 pour le magazine comptant 36 pages.

Les sujets à traiter sont les suivants :

1. Intro/éditorial (1 page) + Table des matières (1 page)

2. Description du contenu des DVD (2-4 pages)
        - DVD 1 - disque d'installation bootable, version 32 bits
        - DVD 2 - disque d'installation bootable, version 64 bits

3. Installation de Gentoo 2007.1 (5-8 pages)

4. Configuration du système (5-8 pages)

5. FAQ - les questions les plus souvent posées, Où chercher de l'aide ?
(4-6 pages)
6. Trois articles pratiques (4-6 pages) - par exemple : Les applications
les plus intéressantes sous Gentoo 2007.1, Trucs et astuces, Logiciels
complémentaires, Environnements du bureau, Mise à jour des applications
sous Gentoo 2007.1, etc. 

Une page publiée comprend environ 4000 caractères en Open Office + 2
captures d'écran.

Je reste à votre disposition pour toute question complémentaire.

Dans l'attente de vous lire, je vous adresse mes sincères salutations.

Sonny Gaviola
Rédaction de Linux Identity

----------  Forwarded Message Translation  ----------


My name is Sonny Gaviola and I work for the Linux Identity magazine 

I am making a proposal for you to write articles for an edition of our 
magazine (36 pages) dedicated to Gentoo Linux, version 2007.1.

Topics would be as follow:

1. Introduction/Editorial (1 page) and Table of Contents (1 page)

2. DVD contents description (2-4 pages)
        - DVD 1 - Bootable install disc, 32 bits version
        - DVD 2 - Bootable install disc, 64 bits version

3. Installing Gentoo 2007.1 (5-8 pages)

4. System Configuration (5-8 pages)

5. FAQ and where to find help (4-6 pages)

6. Three articles on practical topics (4-6 pages); examples: most interesting 
applications working under Gentoo 2007.1, tips and tricks, complementary 
software, desktop environments, keeping one's system up to date.

One page is roughly 4000 characters in OpenOffice and 2 screen captures.

Hoping to read you soon, I send you my sincere greetings.

Sonny Gaviola
Linux Identity Redaction Team


Olivier Fisette (ribosome)
Gentoo Linux Developer
Scientific applications


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