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From: Chrissy Fullam <musikc@g.o>
To: dev-zero@g.o
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Subject: RE: [gentoo-pr] OpenExpo in Zurich
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2007 16:20:28
> From: Tiziano Müller [mailto:dev-zero@g.o] > Subject: [gentoo-pr] OpenExpo in Zurich > > As all of you might (or might not know) there is a fairly new > fair here in Zurich called "OpenExpo" which will happen on > September 19th and 20th.
Nope, didn’t know but thanks for the info. We can add this event to the upcoming events section on the Gentoo Events project page.
> If nothing has changed, Christel and Patrick Lauer > (bonsaikitten/DrEevil) will be there for both days.
You may want to confirm Christel's attendance; I know she mentioned something about being in Belgium. Patrick (patrick/bonsaikitten/DrEevil) is not a Gentoo developer, not sure why else you would have him at the booth. You may want to talk to a few people that "worked with him" at a previous event; I know he was the event lead for FOSDEM 2006 and myself, kingtaco, or wolf31o2 could fill you in on how that went.
> - Is there some paperwork already done for such posters?
Large Gentoo logo:
> - Do we (Gentoo people present there) get Gentoo-shirts for this?
Gentoo developers do not get free Gentoo shirts for working at an event. The person coordinating the event has historically tried to ensure that all developers know in advance to wear a Gentoo shirt. This is done best when everyone has been asked in advance to all purchase/wear the *same* style Gentoo shirt. At LWE we've all bought the same Gentoo polo shirts, for example.
> - Should we have some other Gentoo Fan Stuff there? Also for sale?
Christel has said that she has fliers, posters, and a limited supply of t-shirts. Any time we have had t-shirts for sale, we have always sold out very quickly. You may need to confirm Christel's attendance though, if not perhaps she could mail you the above mentioned supplies? Kind regards, Christina Fullam Gentoo Developer Relations Lead | Gentoo Public Relations -- gentoo-pr@g.o mailing list