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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-proctors] Proctors - An RFC about their role/powers
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 22:38:44
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The following document is part of a mail I've sent to the proctors@
alias 6 weeks ago and that was my contribution to a discussion we were
having about the CoC and the proctors.
At the time I didn't submit that document here, because there was no
such ml and we were still having an initial internal discussion.
Since the team has yet to publish any document on this due to a variety
of reasons and that we've been accused of not working on this issue (I
say we, as a former member of the team), I think it's important to show
that claim to be false.
This document, "Proctors - Questions", and my view on this issue,
"Proctors - Answers" are also available on their original format on

In this document I tried to raise the questions I thought the proctors
needed to address or clarify in order to be able to carry out their work.
This is my personal and humble opinion. Although some members agreed
with most of my questions / answers, these 2 documents in no way
constitute the team's opinion at that moment or now, let alone define
their policy.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Gentoo Proctors

General Applicability / Enforcement Questions (to be answered by council?)

What medium/channels?
Initial proposal included all #gentoo-* IRC channels, the MLs, Bugzilla
and Forums.
IRC is problematic both technically, users can evade bans and we can't
control all #gentoo-* channels. So, what channels? Do we want proctors
to moderate #gentoo-dev?
#gentoo-chat / OTW - I've asked this before and the answers that were
provided would in my view imply a change in the current status of those

What powers?
What philosophy: punishments/preventive action?
What are the available options for the different mediums (we need the
input from infra)
Do we want/accept penalties/remedies crossing mediums? (Do we want a ban
from forums to extend to bugzilla?)
Do we want/accept permanent bans?

What audience?
Do we address users and devs? (council said everyone)
What powers can/will the proctors have over devs?
Do proctors act on devs directly or through devrel?

What proctors?
Are proctors elected or appointed and by whom?
Are members elected/appointed for a mandate or for ad-eternum?
Who controls the proctors? (who watches the watchman?)
- ----------------------------------------------------------------

My answers to the final section on "what proctors", included some
possibilities that clearly go beyond the current Gentoo metastructure
and that I felt could / should be applied to other teams as well.
I can conceive them as being the basis for a proposal to restructure the
current organization, for example by requiring certain teams leads to be
elected and or by defining a system of checks and balances that tries to
ensure the council can define a direction for Gentoo but at the same
time limiting their ability to staff teams. To be clear, this search for
checks and balances was in no way motivated by any feeling of abuse of
the current council or any of its members.

- --

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