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From: Andrew Savchenko <bircoph@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Call for Agenda Items -- Council Meeting 2016-02-14
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2016 11:15:32
In Reply to: [gentoo-project] Call for Agenda Items -- Council Meeting 2016-02-14 by "Justin Lecher (jlec)"
1 Hi all,
3 On Mon, 1 Feb 2016 20:25:20 +0100 Justin Lecher (jlec) wrote:
4 > Dear all,
5 >
6 > the Gentoo Council will meet again on Sunday, February 14 at 19:00 UTC
7 > in #gentoo-council on FreeNode.
8 >
9 > Please reply to this message with any items you would like us to discuss
10 > or vote on.
12 I'd like to ask the Council on the matter of bugs assignment
13 automation. The issue is discussed in the following thread:
17 The first question: Should we automate bugs assignment if one and
18 only one valid "category/package" is present in the bug's title?
20 1. Yes, automate assignment of all new bugs.
21 2. Yes, but only allow such automation for users with bug
22 assignment capabilities (e.g. put a button for bug-wranglers).
23 3. No, keep current status quo.
25 The second question (only if answers 1 or 2 were selected for the
26 first question): Should we automate assignment for bugs with
27 multiple maintainers?
29 1. Yes, assign to the first maintainer, CC all other.
30 2. No, leave this bugs to bug-wranglers.
32 The third question (only if answer 1 was selected for the first
33 question): For bugs that will be automated should automation be
34 delayed so, that bug wranglers will have an opportunity to review
35 such bugs?
37 1. Yes, delay bugs assignment for N day(s). (N is to be
38 determined by the Council as well.)
39 2. No, assign them immediately.
41 ***************************************************************
43 Summary of opinions (excuse me if I missed something) (roman
44 numerals stands for the question number, question/answer format):
46 I/1
47 Pros:
48 a) We save a lot of the manpower.
49 b) Latency of bugs handling will be decreased.
50 Cons:
51 a) In some corner cases it is possible that bugs will be
52 improperly assigned and due to inactive developers they may be never
53 be properly assigned.
54 b) Incomplete bug reports will be occasionally assigned to
55 developers (e.g. with missing emerge --info or build logs), thus
56 developers will have to request such information themselves.
58 I/2
59 Pros:
60 a) Human check of bugs will reduce error rate for corner cases
61 or incomplete bug reports which automation can't handle properly.
62 b) We still save some manpower (e.g. reduce load on
63 bug-wranglers).
64 Cons:
65 a) We loose a lot of man-power.
66 b) Latency of bugs assignment and thus handling is increased.
68 I/3
69 Pros:
70 a) Keep current well-known more-or-less working state of matters.
71 Cons:
72 a) A huge load on bug-wranglers, most (all?) of them are devs
73 which can spend their time to actually fix bugs.
74 b) Large latency of bugs assignment (may be more than a
75 week for some bugs and several days in general) is kept.
77 II/1
78 Pros:
79 a) A large number of packages contains multiple maintainers, so
80 including them into automation process will sufficiently increase
81 effectiveness of the automation.
82 b) This approach already works well for tinderbox ran by Toralf
83 Förster (we have a lot of good bug reports by this tinderbox).
84 Cons:
85 a) It is rare but possible that first maintainer is not the
86 recepient where bugs should be assigned, thus real assignee will be
87 in the CC.
89 II/2
90 Pros:
91 a) Probability of bug assignment (versus CC'ing) to the wrong
92 maintainer is eliminated.
93 Cons:
94 a) A whole lot of packages is excluded from the automation
95 process.
97 III/1
98 Pros:
99 a) Probability of catching incomplete reports or wrong bug
100 assignments by the human being is increased.
101 Cons:
102 b) Burden on bug-wranglers is increased considerably.
103 c) Latency of bugs assignment and handling is increased.
105 III/2
106 Pros:
107 a) We save a lot of manpower for actual Gentoo development.
108 b) Zero latency in assignment may lead to faster bugs resolving
109 and improved user experience.
110 Cons:
111 a) In corner cases bugs may be misassigned.
112 b) If bugs are not complete, developers will have to request
113 required information themselves.
115 Best regards,
116 Andrew Savchenko