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From: "Robin H. Johnson" <robbat2@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Proposal for Council: Prohibit Harassment & Discrimination via the CoC
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 05:09:37
1 Hi all,
3 I've been a developer in Gentoo a very long time. I've seen a lot of
4 good behavior, but I've also seen a lot of arguments and nasty behavior:
5 - when tempers flared over Zynot and later, Exherbo
6 - when we had some epic-length thread on the mailing lists,
7 - when some developers took objected to each other on a basis of various stereotypes.
8 - More recently, infra staff have received some vitriol by anonymous
9 parties unhappy with progress.
11 From these incidents, we had the Ombudsman (GLEP7) [1]; and ill-fated
12 Proctors project (who's past existence is not even visible in the wiki
13 or new webpage), who while well-intentioned, was unfortunately perceived
14 as being heavy-handed hall monitors/school prefects.
16 I think this is really not cool, and the parties involved are, to put it
17 as a summary, being jerks.
19 To that end, I believe it would be in Gentoo's best interests to
20 explicitly declare that we will not stand for either discrimination nor
21 harassment, in any form, by anybody. To do that, we must define
22 harassment/discrimination, both specifically and broadly, and ensure
23 that the CoC is applied to all parties.
25 Unofficially on #gentoo-infra, in the past, I've tried to speak to
26 parties responsible for all "bad" actions that I've directly witnessed.
27 I've also made it clear that I'd like the infra team to act like they
28 were in a highly visible paid job, where their remarks and actions
29 reflect negatively on us as a whole [3].
31 This changes below are based on the "Conference Code of Conduct" [2] as
32 originally set out by JSconf and the Ada Initiative. Many other
33 conferences have adopted this, with the addition of: "tl;dr don't be a
34 jerk" as the summary.
36 I have deliberately not made any changes to the CoC "Consequences"
37 section, as such should be a separate discussion if any are needed,
38 which I don't think they presently are.
40 Motion proposals:
41 I would like the council to formally amend the Gentoo Code of Conduct as
42 follows:
43 ===
44 1. Under "Scope"
45 1.1. New Paragraph, before the "Important" Box:
46 For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, the Gentoo community
47 includes all developers, users, and members of the Foundation.
48 2. New subsection under "Behaviour and Consequences"
49 2.1. "tl;dr: Don't be a jerk."
50 3. Under "Unacceptable Behaviour"
51 3.1. s/Gentoo developers have/The Gentoo Community has/
52 3.2. Add a new bullet point:
53 <b>Harassing & Discrimination</b>. Harassing & Discrimination
54 includes, but is not limited to offensive comments in relation to:
55 gender; gender identity and expression; age; sexual orientation;
56 disability; physical appearance; body size; race; religion;
57 citizenship; nationality and familial status. It also includes: sexual
58 language and images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation;
59 stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; sustained
60 disruption of threads, talks or other events; inappropriate physical
61 contact; and unwelcome sexual attention.
62 4. Amend the document footer:
63 4.1. Add a reference to the Conference Code of Conduct site, as required
64 by the CC-BY 3.0 license terms [4].
65 ===
67 [1] Ombudsman were a good concept, and I did unofficial mediate some
68 disputes when g2boojum was unavailable, but it was far more
69 time-consuming and soul-draining than originally envisioned by the
70 GLEP.
71 [2] Conference Code of Conduct:
73 [3] It would be nice to have this as an expectation of all developers
74 and users, but I recognize a pipe dream when I see it.
75 [4] licenses team (beyond me): Is mixing CC-BY 3.0 content into a
76 CC-BY-SA 3.0 document permitted, or does that violate the "no additional
77 restrictions" clause?
79 --
80 Robin Hugh Johnson
81 Gentoo Linux: Developer, Infrastructure Lead
82 E-Mail : robbat2@g.o
83 GnuPG FP : 11ACBA4F 4778E3F6 E4EDF38E B27B944E 34884E85


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