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From: Tobias Heinlein <keytoaster@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-project] New developer: Romain Perier (mrpouet)
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:46:03
1 It's my pleasure again to introduce a new developer: Joining us from
2 France, we have Romain "mrpouet" Perier.
3 He was born in Bruges and got a brother. He later moved to Villenave
4 D'Ornon, which is next to Bordeaux, the city of beer, err, wine. Today
5 he's studying in Master of computer science "Software implementations"
6 and "algorithmic and formal methods" at the faculty of Talence, which is
7 next to Bordeaux as well.
9 Romain has very good skills of the C language and good skills in C++,
10 Bash, Java, yacc and lex. He also has basic skills in Common Lisp and
11 PostgreSQL. He's also experienced in the POSIX API and the language theory.
13 In the past he contributed in improving the AI of the Wormux project, a
14 worms-like strategy game, completely written in C++. Since I used to
15 play Wormux not too long ago, this means Romain is another guy who is
16 responsible for me slacking.
18 Later Romain started contributing to Gentoo/Gnome because he loves the
19 Gnome desktop environment, he says.
21 Outside of all the computer-related stuff, he practices apnea, biking,
22 swimming and programming. Oops, the latter *is* computer-related, so
23 someone failed to answer the last part of the ebuild quiz properly.
24 Apart from that, he has big interests in science in general, especially
25 in physics.


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