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Subject: [gentoo-project] Gentoo: growing pains & the future.
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:21:31
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4 ===
5 TL;DR:
6 - Does GLEP39 still serve all the needs of Gentoo? Devrel useful?
7 - How to improve ourselves as a distribution (technical) and as people
8 (personal interactions)?
9 - Would EVERY developer please start acting professionally in all fora?
10 ===
12 I would like us to thank (and remember those no longer with us) all of
13 the past trustees and council members (a near-complete list is included
14 as footnote [9]), for what they have done to try and grow the
15 distribution.
17 Regardless of whoever who decides to run for council and trustees this
18 year, I would like to ask developers and foundation members to look at
19 the history of Gentoo, prior councils and prior trustees, and ask
20 themselves:
21 What value does the distribution, Council, and Trustees provide to you?
22 Why they are voting for any given candidate; is this the best for the
23 future of Gentoo, or does it really even matter?
25 Of candidates: Is it because of their technical prowess; ability to
26 reach compromises; they can manage people well; possibly because you
27 simply like or respect them; or because they're a hothead and you want
28 to shake things up? Regardless of why you pick them, all of the above
29 are things they may have to do on the council and trustees.
31 I have contributed just over a decade of my life to Gentoo at this
32 point, many times choosing consulting work or jobs because they enabled
33 me to contribute more. I'm one of the very few developers that has been
34 both a council member and a trustee, the others are: dberkholz, seemant,
35 swift, agriffis, azarah, wolf31o2
37 In 2006, I ran for council, on a platform of improving the security of the
38 Portage tree, via my tree-signing GLEPs.
40 I would call that project a long-term failure; the standards were completed,
41 but like many GLEPs, mostly become forgotten and left by the wayside.
42 In that original goal, I would consider my term on the council to be a failure,
43 but extremely enlightening as to the politics and human aspect of a technical
44 organization. I left at the end of my term, not seeking re-election.
46 In 2009, I ran for trustees on a platform of radical transparency, that
47 manifesto is also still available
49 My goals were somewhat less quantifiable at the time, but I feel that I
50 did help bring trustees to the same well-documented level as council;
51 our financial & legal affairs are in good shape (many thanks to
52 quantumsummers), and well-visible to the member base (yes, I would like
53 a return to visible quarterly accounting or more detailed granularity,
54 but we don't have that many transactions). I ran again successfully in
55 2011, because I wasn't done my work yet.
57 I choose to not nominate anybody for either body this time; not because
58 I have no faith in my fellow developers, but because I think we as a
59 distribution have needs beyond our present structure of Council and
60 Trustees, *Rel and the projects.
62 Many of our early organizational issues have been replaced with those of
63 a more mature organization. I think to a degree, we have grown beyond
64 GLEP39. Go ahead, read GLEP39 again, and think about it from the
65 perspective of a new(er) developer, vs. The Old Ones (as I saw it put
66 recently). Now go to the projects that you're in, and tell me, when was
67 the last time you had a real discussion about who lead a given project
68 (the GLEP was careful to say 'selection' rather than 'election'). Does
69 who "leads" a project actually matter in all cases? If a more
70 established dev refuses a change, what can you do?
72 The council, originally founded as technical body in 2005, has been
73 running for 8 years, and in that time GLEP submissions have been
74 replaced by EAPI changes to a minor degree, but overall we are no longer
75 adapting to change as we once were.
77 GLEP submissions have dropped dramatically, and instead we have a lot
78 less highly visible change (unless it breaks things). Does this mean I
79 expect everything to be a GLEP? No, the GLEP process in itself can be a
80 hindrance to getting what you want done, and regardless of how great an
81 idea it is, it doesn't guarantee adoption. Should we scrap GLEPs
82 entirely? No, we should push even more of our changes through them,
83 because they are a lot less personal than other proposals on the mailing
84 lists. They are TECHNICAL improvements, and need to be considered
85 PROFESSIONALLY, without any personal malice.
87 Put the GLEPs to the council if they need more consensus, and the
88 council needs to consider/approve them more often. If it's just smaller
89 technical changes, let any developer feel free to do it; and take
90 responsibility for their actions if they cause any breakage. Herds were
91 created to group related ebuilds together (not developers), nor to stop
92 development.
94 Many times in our history, we have tried to grapple with the human
95 problems in our distribution, many times unsuccessfully.
96 I was there when:
97 - The Zynot Fork (2003)
98 - The Ombudsman position (GLEP7) was formed due to the Zynot conflict
99 - The first NFP board was formed (2004)
100 - drobbins leaving Gentoo [the first time] (2005)
101 - The "Gentoo Women" project (2006) with the Mens' Rights attacks.
102 - Council implemented the first CoC & Proctors (2007) with early
103 Paludis/EAPI conflicts.
104 - Our corporation status was temporarily revoked (2008), and drobbins
105 came back briefly.
106 - Exherbo started/forked (2008)
107 - LolGentoo/LolFlameeyes attack blogs (2008)
108 - Gentoo Ten (2009)
109 - The ongoing matters of the eudev fork & systemd-integration
110 (the above are the ones that come to mind, I'm sure I'm missing many
111 more).
113 Various inappropriate, emotionally charged remarks on Gentoo-related
114 blogs as well as official mailing lists:
115 - Our inter-dev Israeli/Palestine conflict
116 - "mips team killed the baby jesus"
117 - "Over my dead CVS"
118 - "Ten Ways PMS Raped your Baby"
119 - "the council needs to grow a pair"
120 (apologies to geoman, flameeyes, ciaranm, wolf31o2 and other developers
121 for the example usage).
123 Many of these and more all showed us times where we had problems
124 interacting with each other as decent and good people. The statements
125 themselves were hostile, degrading & hurtful, but so was the environment
126 that engendered them.
128 We "solve" this, we tried to add the Ombudsman, CoC, Proctors, Developer
129 Relations, User Relations (later also Community Relations), but they
130 were primarily punitive measures. Many of these were founded/developed
131 by the Council, as extensions beyond the pre-existing devrel role (yes,
132 it predates council).
134 NONE of those measures really worked, many of them caused more dissent
135 [1].
136 Even GLEP39 laid it out clearly:
137 "Regardless of whether or not it is justified, devrel is loathed by many
138 in its enforcement role."
140 Instead, I would like to call on every developer, foundation member, and
141 general member of the community, to stand up for being professional, and
142 hold all other developers to the same standard.
144 Think to yourself:
145 "If I said $X to my boss or underlings at work, would I get fired or
146 sued for abuse or harassment?"
148 Watch this video:
150 It's the head of the Australian Armed Forces encouraging everybody to
151 take a stand against sexual harassment.
152 (Apologies to those to the deaf members of the community, I could only
153 find a partial transcript here [2])
155 The Internet remembers a lot of things, even when you think it's not
156 being logged, and your past will come back to you; clean up your act
157 before it's too late to save yourself.
159 If you think you're going to take whatever results you get from your
160 statements, and continue to be hostile, then GTFO.
162 If anybody else has other suggestions how we can improve the
163 distribution, beyond dropping devrel from GLEP39, I'm all ears.
165 [1] "If You Won't Play Nice I'll Take My Ball And Go Home.", Andrew Trelane vs. Ciaranm (2009)
167 [2] "The Standard You Walk Past is the Standard You Accept", Rebecca
168 Watson, partial transcript and commentary on sexual harassment in the
169 Australian Military (2013)
172 [9] Past Council & trustees
173 Past council members
174 --------------------
175 (sorted by meeting attendance)
176 77 betelgeuse
177 45 dberkholz
178 38 ulm
179 37 chainsaw
180 31 dertobi123
181 30 scarabeus
182 29 vapier
183 28 lu_zero
184 25 jmbsvicetto
185 24 solar
186 24 grobian
187 21 leio
188 18 flameeyes
189 14 wired
190 14 halcy0n
191 13 wolf31o2
192 13 robbat2
193 13 Kugelfang
194 13 KingTaco
195 12 SwifT
196 12 jokey
197 12 ferringb
198 11 williamh
199 11 seemant
200 11 Koon
201 11 kloeri
202 11 hwoarang
203 11 dev-zero
204 11 calchan
205 10 cardoe
206 9 agriffis
207 8 UberLord
208 8 azarah
209 8 amne
210 6 patrick
211 1 jaervosz
213 Past trustees
214 -------------
215 (Many of the early years of foundation, there was not good recording, so
216 I don't have a complete list of meeting attendance, or even meetings
217 prior to 2008)
218 2008-present (alphabetical):
219 dabbott
220 fmccor
221 g2boojum
222 neddyseagoon
223 quantumsummers
224 rich0
225 robbat2
226 tgall_foo
227 tsunam
228 wltjr
230 2006 trustees (semi-alphabetical):
232 g2boojum
233 mcummings
234 seemant
235 stuart
236 wolf31o2
237 rl03 (seemant resigned 2 days after being elected)
238 pauldv (stuart resigned 1 month after being elected)
240 The first elected trustees in 2005 (alphabetical):
242 carpaski
243 cshields
244 dmwaters
245 dostrow
246 g2boojum
247 jhuebel
248 klieber
249 kumba
250 pylon
251 ramereth
252 seemant
253 spyderous (now known as dberkholz)
254 swift
256 The original NFP board in 2004 (alphabetical):
258 agriffis
259 azarah
260 carpaski
261 dmwaters
262 g2boojum
263 klieber
264 method
265 pauldv
266 pfeifer
267 seemant
268 swift
269 zhen
271 --
272 Robin Hugh Johnson
273 Gentoo Linux: Developer, Trustee & Infrastructure Lead
274 E-Mail : robbat2@g.o
275 GnuPG FP : 11ACBA4F 4778E3F6 E4EDF38E B27B944E 34884E85


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