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From: Maciej Mrozowski <reavertm@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Fw: Your temporary 2 week suspension on interacting on the Gentoo Github page
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 23:36:48
Message-Id: 15274865.P4aZonch2y@liwardyna
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-project] Fw: Your temporary 2 week suspension on interacting on the Gentoo Github page by Dale
On środa, 17 maja 2017 09:46:47 CEST Dale wrote:
> Michał Górny wrote: > > On śro, 2017-05-17 at 01:54 -0500, Dale wrote: > >> Michał Górny wrote: > >>> On wto, 2017-05-16 at 17:17 -0500, Dale wrote: > >>>> Rich Freeman wrote: > >>>>> On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 12:12 PM, Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com> wrote: > >>>>>> What stops me, is seeing someone who wants to help get shut down by > >>>>>> others > >>>>>> just because they don't like him and in my opinion, targets him > >>>>>> whenever > >>>>>> possible. > >>>>> > >>>>> You're making assumptions about motives. The fact is that you don't > >>>>> have any knowledge about why some people aren't welcome in the > >>>>> community. > >>>> > >>>> Actually, I'm basing it on what I can clearly see. If I can see it, > >>>> don't you think others can too? Again, ignoring it, trying to force > >>>> people not to talk about it, doesn't help the problem. Like I said, I > >>>> been around Gentoo for a long time. I won't be a dev because of lots > >>>> of > >>>> things over the years I've seen happen, most of them in public. > >>> > >>> No. You won't become a dev because you are not doing *anything* but > >>> talking. Just like a number of other people on this mailing list who are > >>> rejected because of lack of willingness to do anything useful, and then > >>> they claim that they reject Gentoo because it is so bad. > >>> > >>> Just FYI because I'm getting tired of this recurring theme. > >> > >> So you are ignoring some of the possible solutions and changes I > >> included in my other posts? That is called doing something and I might > >> add, is more than most others are doing. Most others seem to want to > >> ignore the problems for a while longer. Then wonder why people keep > >> talking about it. > > > > No, I am ignoring most of your posts because I do not have time to read > > them. Those parts which I've read are long and talk of nothing. As far > > as I'm concerned, your contributions are 90% wasting others' time on > > reading what you wrote. > > > > Before you start solving problems in Gentoo, focus on problems with > > yourself. > > Maybe you should take your own?? Since you ignore most of my posts, no > wonder you don't see the information I'm providing. You have to read > them to see it. If you don't want to read them, why are you commenting > on them? If I'm not going to bother to read your posts, I'm not going > to comment on it either. I read yours. Try reading mine or not > commenting thinking you know what is in it when you don't. So far, > your posts bring 100% nothing to the table. Your post is a 100% waste > of time. Maybe you need to work on that and actually discuss the topic > instead? > > >> Do you have any solutions you would like to post? Or do you just want > >> to ignore that someone just posted that they are "incredibly > >> disappointed in the Gentoo Java team."? How many more need to post > >> something like that before you actually post something that will help > >> solve the problem? Let's hear your ideas on a solution. > > > > One good solution would be to kick most of the non-developers out of > > this mailing list, so that discussion can focus back on Gentoo, and not > > on self-pity of one ex-dev diverted so any times that I have no idea > > what the topic is anymore. Last I read, it's about who is trolling who, > > and why trolling is good as long as you pretend it's important. > > > > Then maybe people will have time to work on Gentoo rather than be > > distracted by useless spam. Then maybe they will be able to accept > > contributions. >
> Since you mention spam. Your post brings absolutely nothing to the > topic.
Michał first and foremost gets his hands dirty with actual work - bugfixing, package bumps, countless eclass/profiles/infra improvements. This is the 'anything useful' that was mentioned and is what is needed and most appreciated in Gentoo. Sending emails on mailing list with whatever brilliant idea just one might come up with while not being willing/able to realize with own hands - especially when related to meta problems like this one - is not kind of contribution Gentoo needs. -- regards MM


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