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From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Gentoo@FOSDEM dinner
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 20:02:17
Hi all,

Still somewhat on short notice, but not undoable, I am planning a
Gentoo@FOSDEM dinner for saturday 4th of februari. The location will be in
the centre of Brussels, not far from the "Grand Place" ("Grote Markt" in
dutch) so very easily reachable with (public) transportation.

I set my eye on a restaurant called "Vert de Gris" which can serve a group
of tired but hungry people. Although I have no experience with the
restaurant myself, I did get positive feedback from some people and since
the restaurant is available, I am hoping this will give us all a good
accomodation - and food ;-)

To allow proper service for a group of people, the restaurant does ask for a
selection of one of their group menu's (not some people the first menu and
some the second) but the menu's themselves offer the necessary choice to
support the stomachs of most of us.

Below you can find the two menu's offered (freely translated) and their
price. I would appreciate it if you could tell me (if you participate) which
menu you would like and if the other menu is doable for you as well (that
way I can select the most popular menu and still know if people that
selected the other are still interested in participating). 

If you also already know the more detailed selected (within the menu) that
would be appreciated as well, but there is still time left for that later (I
do need to confirm the number of participants soon though). The restaurant
sais they have sufficient room for larger groups (I originally thought about 20
people but they can host much more) so I don't think a "seat limit" is
needed (unless I now get thousands of positive replies ;)

Also, this is open for both developers and contributors/users.

Menu 1 (¤ 49,50 per person)

- Apéritif
- Entree
     * Vegetables flan with pepper coulis
  or * Grilled shrimp with garlic and tomatoes
  or * Salmon tartare with leman and honey
- Main course
     * Fried sole, wild rice and green curry
  or * Picatta of chicken, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, herb oil
  or * Papardelle del bosco (pasta with mushrooms, olives, bacon)
- Dessert
     * Warm apple pie with ice cream

Water & wine is included as well (I'll ask to put sufficient focus on
non-alcoholic support as many people suggested that this is preferred).

Menu 2 (¤ 60,00 per person)

- Apéritif
- Entree
     * Ravioli with scampi, wasabi cream
  or * Home shrimp croquettes
  or * Roasted red mullet fillets deposited on an eggplant caviar flavored
       with fresh basil
- Main course
     * Leg of lamb roasted with garlic and plain potato
  or * Roast beef with shallots, potato gratin
  or * Grilled salmon and shrimp in a butter sauce, with leeks
- Dessert
     * Fine apple tart 
  or * Chocolate cake

Again, water & wine is included.

I hope this is something most people can choose from and is in their
allocated budget. If that isn't the case, please tell me (first time I
organise something like this for people I have hardly met in person - some
exceptions notwithstanding ;-)

	Sven Vermeulen


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