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From: Roy Bamford <neddyseagoon@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] [GLEP 39 overhaul] Voting by email, proxies and slacker rule.
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 17:41:05
Message-Id: 1271785247.3145.0@NeddySeagoon
In Reply to: [gentoo-project] [GLEP 39 overhaul] Voting by email, proxies and slacker rule. by Denis Dupeyron
1 On 2010.04.18 00:46, Denis Dupeyron wrote:
2 > During the last council meeting we discussed voting by email, see the
3 > log at [1]. What should we do about proxies if we make that happen?
4 > What's the impact on the slacker rule?
5 >
6 > [1]
7 >
8 >
9 >
11 Team,
13 I have some strong views on voting by email.
15 1. Voting by email should be encouraged. This allows things to be
16 resolved on the mailing lists and never come to a council meeting.
17 It speeds the workflow and it therefore a good thing.
19 2. Voting by email in advance, on a topic to be *discussed* at a
20 meeting should not be permitted. In the event that the discussion
21 turns up something unexpected, there is no opportunity to vote in the
22 light of the new information. That further discussion is deemed to be
23 required, shows that not all the evidence is in and the council is not
24 ready to vote.
26 For the sake of clarity, if its just to announce a decision with no
27 opportunity for discussion, an email vote in advance of the
28 announcement is fine.
30 3. email votes post discussion/meeting are fine. This allows GLEP39 to
31 be updated to remove both slacker marks and proxies which van only be a
32 good thing.
34 Its perfectly possible for a member to serve properly on the council
35 and never show up to a meeting. With the span of time zones with the
36 current council, its already difficult for them to find a time to meet
37 and email voting would ease the pressure.
39 I trust the council to eject one of their own that was not pulling his/
40 her weight if they did not resign their post when they realised they
41 could not carry it out. In turn, that allows all the slacker driven
42 elections to be dropped.
44 --
45 Regards,
47 Roy Bamford
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