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From: Markus Ullmann <jokey@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-project] Re: [gentoo-dev] maintainer-wanted bugcount
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 13:13:58
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In Reply to: [gentoo-project] Re: [gentoo-dev] maintainer-wanted bugcount by Donnie Berkholz
Donnie Berkholz schrieb:
> What is bad about the current state of leaving maintainer-wanted bugs > open? What problem is it causing that you want to fix?
Currently a bunch of them are either - dead upstream for quite some time - don't work with a current system - are replaced by better tools we already have in the tree People put a lot of work into that, maybe it's their first ebuild) or for some apps it's simply a hard job to hack up a working ebuild. When that stuff then just bitrods without any notice, users become disappointed. So two things are there to solve.


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