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From: heroxbd@g.o
To: toolchain@g.o
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Subject: [gentoo-project] apply to join toolchain herd
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 09:18:43
1 Dear Toolchain Fellows,
2 Ccing g-project ML as this may be of general interest,
4 I have gained experience and am confident with GNU toolchain after the
5 Gentoo SoC project /Gentoo on Android/[1] and /Gentoo RAP/[2].
7 The Prefix overlay[3] is freezed and being merged into gentoo-x86(bug
8 315803), therefore not a good place to hold RAP. Not wanting to maintain
9 another RAP overlay either, we would like to work on gentoo-x86. RAP is
10 embarrassingly similar to gentoo-x86 anyway.
12 I'd like to thank vapier for reviewing my patches, in bugs
13 478434(toolchain-bintuils.eclass), 474358(toolchain.eclass),
14 473728(sys-libs/glibc). However, it takes months to be reviewed and
15 finally merged. The process has been staled for a while. People are
16 busy. That's the reality. The situation cannot be changed unless I step
17 up to take the responsibility to maintain the Prefix/RAP related
18 contents in the toolchain ebuilds and eclasses. So I decide to join.
20 As a newcomer, I will take extra care about the coding style of ebuilds
21 and eclasses, and will send the patches to gentoo-dev before committing
22 in the first year of my membership of toolchain.
24 Thanks. And wish me luck!
25 Benda
27 1.
28 2.;f=glep-gap.rst
29 3.


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