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To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Cc: Seemant Kulleen <seemantk@×××××.com>, Daniel Robbins <drobbins@××××××.org>
Subject: [gentoo-project] A plan for Gentoo
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 00:20:24
I have had various ideas for Gentoo spanning back to my time as a
Trustee. I was working hard them to make them happen and was making
great progress in short time. Sadly people got in the way. I have ZERO
interest in partaking in this directly myself. I maybe a lowly grunt.

These are my ideas alone. I have not discussed them with anyone other
than briefly in IRC #gentoo-java. No one helped me come up with this.
I have no agenda, or role for myself. None of this involves me.  I am
just going to toss this idea and run. No further comments from me.

In my opinion what needs to happen for Gentoo is it needs proper
organization and long term leadership, period.

Thus I propose the following.
- Bring back Daniel Robbins he becomes Benevolent Dictator For Life,
  which he gave up when creating the foundation long ago. A new
  position part of the new structure. I have spoken with Daniel briefly
  publicly in #gentoo-java a few days ago. He is on board, no longer
  bitter and free of other duties.

- Council remains as is, and works with Daniel directly, each being
  basically equal. Nothing changes with council, election, etc. Just
  slight change in role. Permanent member in a sense, Daniel. But he
  cannot vote with council. Just shares in technical guidance,
  attends meetings, etc.

- Foundation remains as is and also works with Daniel. Daniel serves as
  like President of the foundation, with other officer positions being
  filled per Daniel and Trustees appointment. Foundation spends money on
  officer operations and other things to further Gentoo development and

- Trustees remain as advisers and stewards but are not responsible for
  day to day. They are to guide and provide wisdom etc. One new Trustee
  will be added for a life long term, as long as they see fit. Seemant
  Kulleen. He played an integral role in the early years of Gentoo. He
  has no idea I am proposing this, so I am throwing him under the bus.

- Being 3 parts any two can overrule the 3rd. All work together with
  Daniel serving as the head of both. With all three being directly
  connected with Daniel facilitating such. No 2 cannot remove
  Daniel, just overrule. If always overruled obviously would resign but
  that is not the idea.

- Funtoo becomes the Fedora of Gentoo. Experimental test ground where
  radical new ideas are tested and then moved over to Gentoo. All
  Gentoo devs immediate become Funtoo devs as well. Though not required
  to do anything. No bothering with opt out etc. Just connecting the
  two organizations and communities. Unite vs divide!!!!
  (This may even go so far as to say Funtoo is unstable and Gentoo
  become stable dropping the entire stable/unstable Gentoo concept.)

From there what is next is up the the Daniel, the Foundation, and
Council. There is no further plan there. I have ideas but that is not
for me to say. It is for the new structure to decide its own future.

This will involve paid positions. Daniel will draw a salary, a
reasonable amount to be agreed upon by Trustees and him. Before anyone
goes crazy. Keep in mind he spent his own money to create the
Foundation. Gentoo was his and he handed it over. I doubt most anyone
would do the same. Most here will hardly give up their own roles...
Gentoo's attorney for various things is Daniels attorney. He lives near
the guy. Gentoo is still registered in New Mexico where only Daniel
lives no other devs, etc.

Also in most any country there were fore fathers/mothers. People who
came before you are respected, have statues, etc. Like Daniel or not,
he started Gentoo. He then handed it over and later started Funtoo. How
many major distros have you started? Keep that in mind and show him
some respect on that level if no others. Give him the benefit of the
doubt, good intentions for all vs self motivated he benefits alone,
everyone else loses out.

Ideally this leads to things like bring back Gentoo Weekly News Letter,
maybe with a bounty for articles so that is always well fed. Not to
mention pay for editors. Grants for developer equipment, travel, etc.
Working with vendors to get Gentoo certified on hardware and/or
hardware to use for development etc. Things that need a legal
representative and organization head. Just some ideas but there could
be others. These may never happen, and others may who knows. Not for me
to decide or say. Just some ideas.

These are random thoughts of the good stuff. Of course lots of bad
could happen. Though I really do not see how it can be any worse than
the past almost decade now. Gentoo cannot survive another decade like
the past. Hopefully wrong either way there. If Gentoo even remains in
the US. Almost want to bet others seek to move it outside.

Anyway that's my idea and plan. Do with it what you will. Having been
involved and around I see good things really. If others will have an
open mind and let others who care more about things you may now. Let
their ideas play out.

Daniel handed over Gentoo. He let the community play out their ideas.
Why not be fair and let him have a turn again? I think things were
going better back then...

I barely know Daniel. We have never met or spoke directly on phone etc.
We have had various interactions over the years. Starting with me doing
research as a Trustee. Which developed to a mutual professional
respect. I have not really ever worked with him much. We do not know
each other well.

I know even less about Seemant and few if any interactions much less
publicly. These are not my buddies who will do anything for me if they
return. These are just the right guys in my opinion.

I myself as things have been and how I am seen and treated have no
interest in returning. I may serve as a lowly grunt cranking out
ebuilds and eclasses. Maybe lead Java direction but doubt I want to be
team lead or a developer. I am a bit bitter from the last decade of
mistreatment, public defamation, and being prevented from doing work.
To limit the massive backlog which now is out of control with Java 9.

Just disclosing I have no agenda once again. Nothing to do with me.
Just an idea to save Gentoo and course correction. Every ship needs a
captain. Two drivers never works :)

William L. Thomson Jr.

William L. Thomson Jr.


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