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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <w@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Facts about Gentoo Foundation and GLEP 39
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 18:45:08
1 I am circumventing an unjustified, no policy covered 1 year mailing
2 list ban. I will make this one post and unsubscribe. It is long.
4 I want to clear up the air about the history of the Gentoo Foundation
5 and GLEP 39 with FACTS! This is the factual order of creation.
7 1. Gentoo Technologies, Inc came first ( New Mexico # 2055978 )
8 2. Gentoo Technologies was converted into Gentoo Foundation
9 (New Mexico # 2463313)
10 3. Then AFTER the Gentoo Foundation was created, GLEP 39 came about
12 This is very important, as GLEP 39 was an afterthought. It was not part
13 of the Foundation formation, nor that model. GLEP 39 did not address
14 all issues, or provide a complete model for the organization as a whole.
15 The result has been a Foundation with a questionable role. Infra has
16 become its own top level entity at times. With council being off on its
17 own with no connection to other two.
19 GLEP 39 was a partial solution to the problem of replacing Daniel
20 Robbins, who ran Gentoo Technologies Inc. The Councils limited role
21 never fully replaced all roles Daniel fulfilled. It split roles over to
22 Foundation, Infra, and Council, and created a total mess.
24 Is it of any surprise this mess remains years later? Yet people hold up
25 GLEP 39 like its been a good thing for Gentoo. Its been part of
26 Gentoo's destruction!!! Just look who wrote GLEP 39....
28 Ask yourself the following.
30 Who are the GLEP 39 authors?
31 Were they good or bad for Gentoo?
32 How did they leave things?
33 Is Gentoo better off after them?
35 Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
36 He was a trustee I replaced. He left the foundation in a complete mess
37 which remains to this day. He moved on long ago, and left a mess...
38 Despite being a Trustee, nothing in GLEP 39 about foundation or its
39 role. Which shows he was not thinking about the entire project as whole.
41 Ciaran McCreesh <ciaranm@g.o>
42 Removed from Gentoo, developer status revoked... Look at bugs from 2006
46 The fact both have moved on, and one was removed. Neither left anything
47 good, or did anything good really for the long term health of the
48 project or developer community. Yet others want to stand by their ideas
49 and work on GLEP 39. That should be scrapped ASAP, as both of them...
51 GLEP 39 came about in 2006.
53 Developer count seems to have peaked out around
56 Popularity fell off around then.
59 Many factors in both, but GLEP 39 did nothing to help. GLEP 39 has NOT
60 made anything better and if anything continues to make things worse.
61 Anyone standing by or pointing to GLEP 39 falls under that structure.
62 Likely council members or the like past or present. You rarely if ever
63 see others bringing up or standing by GLEP 39... Its a junk GLEP!!!
65 In standing by GLEP 39, your also standing by the authors. That
66 they had good ideas, and are good for Gentoo. That they left Gentoo
67 better than they found it. Sadly factually that is not the case for
68 either. Yet others want to stand by this failed work. Ignoring who
69 authored this document, and their impact, and current standings.
71 People also ignore the FACT, the Foundation came first. GLEP 39 came
72 after. What I am not clear on, is how GLEP 39 came to be. Did all
73 developers vote? Or was it approved by some GLEP team. Most GLEPs are
74 not brought to a general vote, so a select few get to approve or
75 disapprove such. Either way GLEP 39 came AFTER the foundation and left
76 gaping holes. If GLEP 39 was voted or not would be interesting to know.
78 IMHO it is insane to continue to stand by this horrible GLEP 39. It has
79 ruined Gentoo IMHO. GLEP 4 was MUCH better. It is even more insane to
80 discard the Foundation for GLEP 39, given its incomplete nature. To
81 many things as part of the organization GLEP 39 fails to address, or
82 even come close to addressing. The authors never understood how to
83 properly organize the project after Daniel Robbins left.
85 This is the reason why the project is still in disarray years later.
86 People debating roles of council, foundation, infra, etc. That is clear
87 proof of the mess, all a result of GLEP 39 being a partial effort with
88 gaping holes. Those things should have been covered by GLEP 39.
90 GLEP 39 is likely why Gentoo is plagued with unique problems and no
91 matter who is in council, or developers. Those problems remain and
92 continue. Gentoo will continue to have these issues as long as GLEP 39
93 remains and others stand by it.... It is a failed incomplete model...
95 Please do your homework on GLEP 39... Starting with who wrote
96 it... Look who you are following. Others need to stop teaching the
97 misguided ways that others put forward. Such as....
99 Gentoo's Reform and Future (Petteri Räty, Jorge Manuel B. S. 2011
102 osc12: Robin H. Johnson Gentoo Infra Team: State of Gentoo
103 Infrastructure 2012
106 LinuxDays 2016 - Gentoo Foundation, background and status report -
107 Robin Johnson 2016
110 When I see other say things like
111 "how I was taught "Gentoo works" for my quizzes sometime around 2010"
114 People need to understand, others have been misleading misguiding them
115 for a very long time. They were TAUGHT WRONG!!! I tried to correct this
116 long ago. I can see the impact of others spreading their ideas and
117 winning, while Gentoo is losing. Thus it does not surprise me where
118 things are at, or that newer developers know no difference. They simply
119 pass on and continue to spread the incorrect things they were taught.
120 No matter the impact on the project. they cannot see past what they are
121 taught or think for themselves....
123 This is EXACTLY why in one of my attempts to return in 2011, it took 2
124 hours to make it to the 10th question on the 1st question. I was
125 literally disagreeing with the teaching. A recruiter was arguing and
126 debating with a past Trustee... They were wrong... They still are
127 wrong, and others still are taught wrong....
130 They hid the log, which if public. You would see me trying to correct
131 how Recruiting was teaching others in 2011... There is a reason why
132 they wanted it private, and it was not giving out quiz answers. Those
133 first 10 questions are minor. 1-7 are all organization and structure
135 4. What is the purpose of the Gentoo Council?
136 5. What is the Gentoo Foundation? How does one apply for membership and
137 who are eligible?
140 Can you see based on my comments thus far, why I would have VERY
141 different answers to those questions than what recruiters want to hear.
142 I know what Gentoo and the Gentoo Foundation was intended to be, not
143 what it has become. Mostly via the horrible GLEP 39, and the people
144 behind that GLEP.... I will not tell a recruiter what they want to hear
145 when they were miss-taught. Just sad recruiters would not learn from
146 past Trustees... Rather argue with them and continue teaching others
147 the wrong stuff...
149 Yet others still stand by GLEP 39, like it is good, has been good for
150 Gentoo, etc. It needs to go, ASAP. GLEP 39's impact, just like that of
151 its authors have not been good for Gentoo. But do not take my word. Go
152 research the authors and form your own opinion.
154 Look at the issues raised in GLEP 39. Are any of those issues resolved?
157 What about this bit of GLEP 39, which I want everyone to ask
158 themselves, and answer....
160 "So, does this proposal solve any of the previously-mentioned problems?"
163 IMHO GLEP 39 creates more problems than it solves, and it does not
164 solve or address a majority of the issues it was intended to resolve.
165 Thus IMHO GLEP 39 is garbage and should be scrapped. Concepts may carry
166 over to something new, but it should not be held up, stood by, kept in
167 place of Foundation, etc. Either way GLEP 39 needs to go, and maybe
168 anyone standing by that horrendous and destructive GLEP....
170 GLEP 39 did not come first, but LAST..... It should be first to go....
172 Unsubscribing to respect the ridiculous 1yr ban for what? With option
173 to extend at end of 1yr. Despite no policy covering such term, etc.
176 --
177 William L. Thomson Jr.