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From: Roy Bamford <neddyseagoon@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev-announce@g.o, elections@g.o, gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Timetable For 2011 Council Election
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 18:22:30
Message-Id: 1306088511.3138.0@NeddySeagoon

Elections for the 2011 to 2012 Gentoo Council will be held as follows:-

Wed June 1st 00:00:01 UTC  potential candidates/electors list closes.
Fri June 3rd 00:00:01 UTC nominations open. 
Fri June 17th 00:00:01 UTC nominations close.
Mon June 20th 00:00:01 UTC voting opens.
Mon July 4th 00:00:01 UTC voting closes.

_Reopen_Nominations_ will be used in this election.

Results will be announced as soon as the election officials have 
validated the results.

Other information:-

The potential candidates/electors list will be as 
it is at the cut off date. If you are not listed there and should be, 
recruiters can check an fix it for you.

If you are not on roll call by then, you cannot be a candidate, nor 
can you vote. If undertakers retire you after that time, you may still 
participate in the election.

As the election is non technical, nominations, acceptances, manifestos 
and other election hustings material goes to the -project list.

Nominations are open to anyone. Candidates and voters are limited to 
the roll call list above. Candidates must accept nominations before the 
nomination period closes to get into the final ballot.

We are still short of election officials for this election. Volunteers 
please contact me.  Potential council candidates should not apply. 

On behalf of the election officials.


Roy Bamford
(Neddyseagoon) a member of