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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-project <gentoo-project@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-project] [RFC] Ebuild quizzes for existing developers
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2019 16:43:26
1 Hello, everyone.
3 I'd like to discuss a proposal aiming to improve the general quality of
4 ebuilds in the Gentoo repository.
7 As most of you know (or at least suspect), ebuild quizzes are changing
8 over time. New questions are added and existing questions are updated,
9 to cover for new EAPIs, policies or simply cover cases of common
10 mistakes. This is all done so that new developers would be better
11 prepared to work on Gentoo, and would not repeat the same mistakes
12 as new developers before them did. Besides, this extends the purpose of
13 quizzes into being a quick reference of all the stuff you should be
14 aware of before committing.
16 However, new quizzes apply only to new recruits. Ideally, we assume
17 that existing developers learn of new EAPIs and new policies as they go,
18 and they've already made most of the mistakes and learned from them.
19 However, this is not always true. There are less-active developers,
20 there are people returning after long devaways, and sadly there are
21 cases when they do not try to learn new things but attempt to apply
22 obsolete standards and solutions. Furthermore, some of the recruits
23 consider it unfair that they have to undergo harder quizzes than people
24 who joined Gentoo earlier.
27 What I'd like to propose are additional examinations similar to
28 the ebuild quiz, for existing developers. They would be performed
29 as a joint QA/Recruiters effort, and they would aim to align
30 the level of examinations for all developers. This would serve two
31 purposes. Firstly, it would ensure that existing developers are fully
32 aware of the current EAPIs, policies, best practices and pitfalls.
33 Secondly, it would align the rules and make sure that developers joining
34 earlier are not privileged compared to those joining later.
36 Of course, I'm not talking about requiring all developers to pass their
37 ebuild quizzes again. The way I see it, we would be establishing a few
38 reference versions of quizzes, and comparing them to the current one.
39 Then, for each version we would establish a smaller quiz specifically
40 focused on developers recruited at the time. Naturally, the developers
41 recruited earlier would have to answer more questions while developers
42 recruited more recently would have less.
44 To avoid overburdening our teams and developers, the whole process would
45 be spread over time. Every time the quizzes are prepared for the next
46 group of developers, they will be given 6 months to complete them
47 and arrange a review session. As the examinations progress, quizzes for
48 next groups will be prepared.
50 If the developer in question fails to pass the examination in 6 months,
51 the developer's commit access will be revoked. After 2 more months
52 without passing, the developer will be retired.
55 It is quite likely that before we will be able to finish
56 the examinations for all developers, the quizzes will change again.
57 Naturally, the groups examined past that will have their quizzes aligned
58 to the newest version already. The earlier groups will be subject to
59 further (even smaller) examinations once all groups are done for
60 the first time. Eventually, we would be able to align all developers to
61 the same version of quizzes.
63 Once that is achieved, I'd like to keep quizzes in sync from now on.
64 That is, whenever we add a new question we will pass it through
65 developers. This will achieve a double goal. Firstly, it will improve
66 ebuild skills of developers. Secondly, it will provide additional
67 testing of new quiz questions before recruits end up having to answer
68 them.
71 What do you think?
73 --
74 Best regards,
75 Michał Górny


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