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From: Marien Zwart <marienz@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Council 2012/2013 election
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 00:03:14
1 (hope this threads ok, I'm playing games with my mail setup).
3 After some hesitation I'll accept my council nomination. Apparently
4 you're supposed to come up with some kind of manifesto, or at least
5 that's what everyone else does. I doubt I'm any good at those, but
6 here goes:
8 - Gentoo developer are pretty awesome, and should be kept well fed and
9 happy so they can go on improving Gentoo.
11 - Trying to get open source developers to do what you want is like
12 herding cats. The council should only try this if it absolutely must.
14 The council may need to pick between mutually incompatible proposals,
15 or push for a more backwards-compatible way of doing something
16 drastic, but situations where there's a "global issue" (quote GLEP 39)
17 with someone willing and able to do the work that's actually bad for
18 Gentoo should not be making it anywhere near the council. Council
19 intervention may sometimes be necessary to make sure changes made by
20 one project do not break another project, but the focus should be on
21 getting the right people talking to each other so they can work out a
22 solution (or coexisting solutions), rather than having the council
23 veto or push through some idea.
25 - What I won't bring to the council is a desire to bring a particular
26 feature to Gentoo, or keep a particular change out. I'll just try to
27 keep all the projects and people that form Gentoo working together, as
28 they're the ones doing all the hard work and directly controlling
29 where we go.
31 Keep up the good work,
33 --
34 Marien Zwart.