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From: Mikle Kolyada <zlogene@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev-announce@l.g.o
Cc: gentoo Project mailinglist <gentoo-project@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-project] New Developer: Matthew "maffblaster" Marchese
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 16:46:58
1 Good evening everyone,
3 It's my pleasure to announce a new developer. Matthew "maffblaster" Marchese is joining us from Spokane, Washington, USA. And he will be assisting the wiki team. It means we will have a lot of good documentation soon!
5 Here is how he describes himself:
7 "Ever since I was young I have loved to dabble around with computers and
8 electronics. I built my first computer at the age of 16 which pushed me
9 in the right direction to pursue computers as career. I graduated high
10 school at 17 with a year of college credits and went to a tech school
11 for a two year degree in Computer Science and Engineering. After taking
12 a semester off school I decided to pursue a better theological
13 education, so I got a four year degree from a Bible school called Moody
14 Bible Institute in Spokane, WA. I met my wife at this school. After we
15 got married we decided to stay in Spokane, which is where I live
16 presently. I was able to find a job as a Software Release Engineer for a
17 company that does video surveillance work.
19 I have been interested in and have used Gentoo Linux on and off since
20 around 2006. Like most Gentoo users, there is a somewhat interesting
21 story about how I found Gentoo. When I was in my teens I frequently
22 visited the local public library. It was through visiting the library
23 that I became fascinated with Linux; ironically I think I learned about
24 it from reading PC magazine. I used the library’s internet to find
25 and discovered different “distribution categories” of
26 Linux were available. Through Distrowatch I filtered out any
27 distributions that were not labeled for “power users” which is when I
28 found Gentoo. After looking at the some of the desktop screenshots at
29 I was greatly interested in learning how I could become a
30 Gentoo "power" user.
32 Today the only thing that keeps me using Windows at home is gaming. Many
33 companies have not created Linux clients for their games, which is
34 something I hope will change in the near future now that Valve seems to
35 be leading the charge in this regard. I enjoy playing League of Legends
36 (ranked and casual play). As a result I also enjoy watching professional
37 e-sports on YouTube and Twitch.
39 I am a man of faith and a man of science; I am a Christian. Many believe
40 these convictions are contradictory, however I am convinced they work in
41 perfect unity. If you are interested in discussing this, I am usually
42 eager to chat.
44 I also try to write a blog time permitting. You can find it at
47 Most things to do with software I find interesting: documentation,
48 installation, configuration, programming, etc. I tend to be a
49 perfectionist with my work. The way I see it, I would rather do it right
50 the first time than have to make changes later. This is not always
51 possible, but I strive to achieve this goal. I also enjoy learning new
52 things; it a good day when I am able to learn something new. One of the
53 most interesting aspects of technology is that there is a lot to learn,
54 which keeps me on my toes. Admittedly there is still a lot of knowledge
55 and skills I hope to acquire as I work improve the Gentoo project; to me
56 that is all part of the fun."
58 Please give him a warm welcome!