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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-project] GLEP 39, metastructure and elections
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 10:42:21
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4 In the fallout of last council's meeting, I've been looking at our
5 policies and I have a few thoughts.
7 I've been looking at
8 and I think that
9 the decision that lead to the creation of the council should probably
10 have been documented there, together with some provisions about
11 meta-structure changes.
12 One point that has been raising some arguments and that people don't
13 seem to agree about is what is required to change GLEP39. As a GLEP,
14 although an Informational GLEP, it should probably follow the rules of
15 the GLEPs.
16 However, I think the decision that lead to the GLEP and that created the
17 council, should be set as a policy under the meta-structure project and
18 that it should include a provision stating that "any change to the
19 meta-structure of the Gentoo project will require a discussion by and a
20 global vote of the developer community".
21 I think the meta-structure project is the best place to document the
22 overall organization of the Gentoo management structure and to define
23 its policies.
24 This would allow us to have a GLEP describing the process by which a
25 certain change to the meta-structure was decided and the provisions of
26 such a proposal, without having special rules for such GLEPs. Obviously
27 any change to the policy would need to be discussed under the rules
28 defined on the meta-structure project and if and when it was approved,
29 it would be possible to update / add a new Informational GLEP following
30 the standard procedure for GLEPs. Thus, such a GLEP would reflect
31 current policy and not define it.
33 Since the last election for the Foundation, I've been entertaining the
34 idea to create an elections project for Gentoo. The purpose of such a
35 project would be to hold a list of people willing to serve as officials
36 for elections, to document the procedures to run an election and to
37 discuss / maintain any scripts for conducting an election.
38 The project would include a "pool" of potential officers for an election
39 and before any election, the number of required officers would be
40 selected to run that specific election.
41 The elections project would be responsible to organize the elections for
42 the council and the Foundation and could also help organize any other
43 project's election - if asked to do so.
44 To anyone thinking that to have a project to run elections is overkill,
45 I would like to present my experience as an election officer that
46 running an election is not that simple, in particular if past officers
47 are not around and the documentation about the procedures is scarce. My
48 hope is that having such a project would help gather documentation on
49 the procedures and promote a better understanding on the process, making
50 it simpler to new persons to run an election. I also hope that it will
51 help streamline elections by eliminating the wait for finding officers
52 for an election.
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