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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-project <gentoo-project@l.g.o>
Cc: gentoo-proxy-maint <gentoo-proxy-maint@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-project] GURU[-rise]: looking for volunteers
Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2019 15:37:47
1 Hi, everyone.
3 Some of you have read about my GURU idea already. For those who
4 haven't, a short description is included below. I'd like to start
5 a simpler demo for it, and I'm looking for people interested
6 in contributing.
9 GURU is meant to be something between Arch Linux's AUR and the past
10 Sunrise project -- an officially recognized repository made entirely
11 by users, with minimal supervision from Gentoo developers.
13 GURU would use two branches: a development branch where all interested
14 contributors will be allowed to commit freely, and a reviewed branch
15 where established members will push reviewed commits from
16 the development branch. This is very similar to Sunrise, except that
17 reviewing will not be limited to Gentoo developers.
19 GURU would be only for new packages, or packages that are clearly
20 abandoned in ::gentoo. While the packages wouldn't land in ::gentoo,
21 having a single officially recognized place for them will help both
22 users and developers to find them, and to maintain a single version,
23 hopefully better than packages scattered all over private repositories.
25 GURU would use three user classes:
27 1. Contributors -- allowed to commit to development branch, directly
28 responsible for their own actions but advised to take care of whole dev
29 branch.
31 2. Trusted contributors -- allowed to merge to master branch and to
32 accept new contributors. Responsible for quality of the master branch,
33 and for monitoring new contributors.
35 3. Gentoo Developers -- allowed to appoint trusted contributors and with
36 superpowers. Responsible for taking emergency actions.
38 The basic idea is whenever a new user requests joining, one of
39 the trusted contributors (or developers) accepts him and starts
40 monitoring his activity (mostly to quickly detect malicious users).
41 When the user makes some recognizable good work, he becomes trusted
42 contributor (as approved by a Gentoo developer) and starts reviewing
43 stuff from dev branch and merging it to master branch.
45 This is somewhat similar to Sunrise, except that instead of developers
46 reviewing stuff (which IMHO caused Sunrise's downfall), we let users do
47 that. Also, a major difference is that we allow inferior quality
48 ebuilds, and assume other contributors are free (and encouraged!)
49 to improve them.
52 I'm looking for all people interested in participating in all three
53 classes. That is:
55 a. users interested in submitting their ebuilds to this repository,
57 b. users interested in becoming trusted contributors and reviewing
58 stuff,
60 c. developers interested in taking part of overseeing this.
62 I'm willing to accept some of the recognized proxy-maint contributors
63 straight to category b. Though I should note that according to my idea,
64 this is the category expected to have most work here.
66 Gentoo Developers may expect some work especially at the beginning,
67 in order to bootstrap this. However, once we have strong trusted
68 contributor group the amount of work should decrease.
70 Please note that the technical details haven't been decided yet.
71 The GURU repository will probably be hosted on Gentoo Infra (due to need
72 for git hooks). I'm going to try pushing a bit more for our own GitLab
73 instance but if that fails, gitolite would probably have to be good
74 enough. In that case, I will be taking care of adding people on behalf
75 of others.
78 If you're interested, feel free to mail me privately. Developers can
79 add themselves straight to the wiki page [1].
81 [1]
83 --
84 Best regards,
85 Michał Górny


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