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From: Aaron Bauman <bman@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Council nominee 2018/19 questions
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2018 00:38:06
Message-Id: 1741695.4Dx37mZ9CX@monkey
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Council nominee 2018/19 questions by "M. J. Everitt"
1 On Sunday, July 1, 2018 11:48:05 PM EDT M. J. Everitt wrote:
2 > A couple of passing thoughts:-
3 >
4 > 1) What is/are your own current use cases for using Gentoo? Server?
5 > Desktop? Cluster? Embedded? on what platforms/arches? And why Gentoo?
6 >
8 I use Gentoo on my server (NextCloud instance) and I also use it as my desktop
9 OS (laptops). All of those systems are amd64 with the server running stable
10 and my laptop running ~arch.
12 I began using Gentoo many years ago as a young teenager. I had begun
13 tinkering with my computer systems after attending an HTML summer camp and
14 being intrigued. My first system ran Slackware and then I began trying all the
15 various flavors out there. Eventually, I found Gentoo and spent countless days
16 bootstrapping, compiling, and tinkering some more. My interest was largely
17 the ability to easily customize and "dig in" the OS. I felt empowered and
18 grew my understanding of Linux as a whole.
20 Into adulthood I was exposed more to enterprise environments heavily reliant
21 on Windows systems with the occasional Linux box for particular things. I
22 have always remained partial to Linux and Gentoo in particular. I still
23 checkout the latest releases of other distros, but nothing compares to Gentoo
24 in my opinion. We offer (see my previous emails) a unique ability to
25 customize and control. That is what has always kept me with Gentoo.
27 > 2) What improvements to the distro (ignoring all structural discussions)
28 > would you like to see, to enhance your experience of using Gentoo vs
29 > something else?
30 >
31 > Cheers.
33 I see your point about ignoring structural discussions, but I believe some
34 structural modifications are required in order to enhance the various aspects
35 of Gentoo. Given the recent discussions (c.f. GLEP63, Generel Resolution,
36 etc), we need to begin *enforcing* standards. An example, GLEP63 is
37 important, but developers offer dissident views and refuse to comply. Of
38 course, enforcing these standards can cause turmoil and so recourse is
39 important. Thus, passing the general resolution is needed to ensure such
40 avenues are available.
42 If these are addressed I believe the community can address concerns such as
43 security. This is important to me as a member of the security team and is not
44 limited to the auditing of package vulnerabilities and ebuilds. It extends to
45 the entirety of the Gentoo infrastructure and the individual security of our
46 members. So, in this case, I would like to see the enforcement of GLEP63 not
47 only for the health of Gentoo, but for the security of our developers.
49 -Aaron


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