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From: Markos Chandras <hwoarang@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Council discuss: overlapping council terms of two years
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 11:01:53
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-project] Council discuss: overlapping council terms of two years by Fabian Groffen
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On 08/05/2011 11:49 AM, Fabian Groffen wrote:
> On 05-08-2011 11:33:52 +0100, Markos Chandras wrote: >>> A smaller committee for a chief technical officer fits better >>> into a normal corporate structure. A smaller council could form >>> special interest groups to address individual problems so nothing >>> would be lost from the reduced numbers. >>> >> FWIW, I support Donnie's idea. I would like to see a smaller and >> more flexible Council which could assign tasks to interested >> parties. Right now, it takes 3-4 months (that is 3-4 meetings) for >> a Council to decide things and make substantial progress where >> other distributions are moving faster by having a single developer >> or a small group leading the project. In my point of view, we need >> to consider a fundamental change to our organizational structure. >> Roy's ideas are very interesting, however we need to decide on an >> abstract design before we dig into the details. > > You really don't think the effectiveness of Council meetings should > be improved, instead of just reducing the number of members and > responsibilties, such that just one person is responsible for a > decision? >
This is possible up to a point. But having 7 people around makes it hard to maintain an effectiveness/short meeting ratio. In this case, things have to be discussed (and possibly decided) in advanced.
> I am against the idea of having single people being able to easily > make (possibly totally unfunded) decisions that affect Gentoo full > project wide. >
I wonder why this works so well for other distros.
> On the other hand, Council members should discuss much more on > lists, prior to meetings, ultimately resolving/deciding issues > already before any meeting takes place. I see no direct need for > centralised meetings at all to discuss on many topics. Voting could > happen on a ML as good as on IRC. >
I agree. The discussion should start on the next day of the meeting and not one week before the next one. - -- Regards, Markos Chandras / Gentoo Linux Developer / Key ID: B4AFF2C2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJOO81uAAoJEPqDWhW0r/LCQWcP/1OT/9EAuGr3Q7Pv8MSpdLdj pAE+iQ/f6/SexFsU1Ishfo1IWEFpmLrJRf6nw/GK2S28MyjFIOam5LOMKQLnq+xS zCcfDdV/zxmyyWgjTfu4PSrOZEcD+Fqi/k5791o3KEznCFRhwASZg0znka3Ms2w6 fLRIQPfyEozjFU6Fb+6mnlzLxKGuTpdijtw4H1G6U8u38BuyXzUW9ewgD/R62RQ1 rJAJxJXBzPRE8uwEV7aF8N5a9APC2+hw7GmHY/7SVWR0MBGj0rFaqW8P4uy8Xx7q oPx1rmVvdmuPmyqCo6yFV2JWXB0V0EApmH+Ytf+RLTHSYWDMQkfrnZAbHYZWuoLf VNxsUHAY7xH7T0LfU+2ifi9xW2lknS+mM3nXuakGkNfGo+BA/6zcl655a/Mkjg2B I7c76RLSJv98ucuzTYgfSsFV6VJlKvbQNCcpb2JqKmC6F3RrYml3OgSjIvbsP9qP dxcpl06Xf2YRiznXWKwiNT58zAGPR9h5Rn77fIZZl3ROXj/r5PACGKUbU7bKJJQu 1DudC9w4jiYYNGNJHsqXYcWwczzPoNPm8LUhcxCkQf4MpUUKWyUMKm/M2wVOBc50 Ppwf6OHCDTb4rP/ykFYteeQXZa1aiUdQbreFG9MFKihAO6yf30r64ZJVJRCnpBu3 VXhsymTlDcCXtK/0G960 =GFa5 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----