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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wlt@××××××××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Re: Serious problems with Gentoo Recruiting and returning developers
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 18:52:34
Message-Id: 1300301495.27600.19.camel@wlt
1 I originally tried to send this to list on the date and time listed
2 below. Which was a day before some other negative events transpired.
3 Turns out I was still banned from posting to all lists from events that
4 transpired back in 2008.
6 Very likely the other events have skewed others perceptions, but if all
7 knew the background story of what I have been dealing with in the past
8 year. Much less things that went on long ago. I think you can start to
9 sympathize a bit with my point of view, if you put yourself in my shoes.
11 On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 16:37 -0500, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
12 > To begin with I have spent almost a year now trying by any means to
13 > rejoin Gentoo which still has not happened. While most any developer I
14 > have interacted with has been very supportive of such and encouraging my
15 > return. When it comes to Gentoo Recruiters, I have received only the
16 > opposite.
17 >
18 > Recruiting alone, along with the process of handling returning devs, has
19 > made it near impossible for me to rejoin. Even worse recruiting has
20 > driven me away a few times in the process. Which recruiting should never
21 > be responsible for making a new developer or returning developer want to
22 > quit or give up on the process.
23 >
24 > After completing my quizzes and waiting for three months last year, I
25 > gave up. At the time I was told by the lead recruiter, Petteri Räty,
26 > that there was a 20 person back log/queue for recruiters. Which I find
27 > that some what unacceptable, but I now know the real reason for the
28 > delay. Time is being wasted in the process and things being drug out
29 > much longer than they need to be. Which I recently experienced first
30 > hand yesterday.
31 >
32 > I accepted the back log/queue reason at the time, which has turned out
33 > to be an excuse. Despite being in regular communication with Petteri.
34 > Not to mention being in #gentoo-java a few times when there was a
35 > schedule team meeting an no one showed. I was around, and that time/hour
36 > could have been spent re-processing me and getting me back on board.
37 > However that was not the case.
38 >
39 > Since then the queue has gone away. But the new reason, or excuse that I
40 > get from Petteri is conflict of interest. He is Java Team lead, a team I
41 > will likely join, but many of my contributions have nothing to do with
42 > Java. Thus he felt a recruiter should not be on the same team or project
43 > as a new developer.
44 >
45 > I do not believe that is documented policy, and if it was would be
46 > incorrect logic. Sure its nice for a recruiter to have a neutral point
47 > of view. However if a recruiter has exposure to a new/returning
48 > developers activity. That will only give them greater knowledge as to
49 > the other persons skill level.
50 >
51 > I basically figured given the resistance and those with the power to
52 > process recruits being totally uncooperative. I had no choice by to give
53 > up on the effort. At least that was something, which is better than
54 > months of nothing. I did not want to wait for something that seemed it
55 > was never going to take place, might as well just give up. Not like I
56 > got any encouragement to be patient.
57 >
58 > Now as I was contributing things over the holidays, another dev I was
59 > attempting to proxying stuff through, or reopened my developer bug.
60 > Which I did not have a problem with. I would like to rejoin if there was
61 > a reasonable way to do that without wasting a ton of time. It seemed
62 > after which some progress was being made. Thomas Sachau was interacting
63 > with me in #gentoo-java, and stepped up to do what Petteri basically
64 > refuses to do, process me as a recruit.
65 >
66 > Which is some what funny, because to join the Java team, there is a
67 > third quiz, beyond the two normal developers must take. The only
68 > recruiter who can review a Java quiz is Petteri. Which speaking of the
69 > Java Quiz there are several questions that are out of date. I brought
70 > that up a few times, and was told I could/should go correct it as a
71 > user. However today it was brought up in #gentoo-java by another who is
72 > seeking to become a gentoo developer. Petteri responded I will go
73 > correct the quizzes, which was not the same response given to me on
74 > several occasions.
75 >
76 > Despite the resistance and all the rest. I kept focused and doing what
77 > was necessary in order to get back on board. I was following up with
78 > Thomas as to when we could set a time. When it got close to that, Thomas
79 > started preaching to me about not getting myself into situations like
80 > the past. Which I felt was uncalled for, and the past should be left
81 > where it is. Now that comment brought about a slew of discussions that
82 > Thomas did not like. Mostly because I dislike devrel, and both Petteri
83 > and Thomas are part of devrel. If not directly then by association with
84 > recruiters project falling under devrel.
85 >
86 > Finally yesterday I got to the point of quiz review. Which prior to
87 > that, Thomas had made several comments about us not completing review in
88 > one sessions. Which I mentioned to him several times, I did it in one
89 > session before with my old recruiter,Bryan Ostergaard. At a time when I
90 > was new, knew less, and had no experience. The second time around should
91 > be much faster than the first, only a few questions changed on the
92 > quizzes. But it seems Thomas had it set in his mind that it would take
93 > more than one session.
94 >
95 > Unfortunately that was the case, and after spending 2hrs in review
96 > yesterday with Thomas, we did not make it past 10b on the first quiz.
97 > Which I find completely unacceptable. Now Thomas puts the delay solely
98 > on me, accepting no blame or fault on his behalf, that I was complaining
99 > through out the process. Which there were some complaints, but that was
100 > not the reason for it taking 2hrs. We should have blown through the
101 > first 10 questions on the first quiz, much less completed review of both
102 > quizzes in 2hrs.
103 >
104 > Now i was trying to make the log of the session public by attaching it
105 > to my developer bug. Not to give out quiz answers or to disrespect the
106 > recruiting process as others might see things. Despite how recruiters
107 > have disrespected me on several occasions. But to shed light on a major
108 > problem. Also so others can form their own opinion as to why it took
109 > 2hrs to cover 10 questions. Which were not the most complex questions of
110 > the 3 quizzes that needed to be reviewed.
111 >
112 > On top of it all I am really amazed at how many bugs are open since I
113 > left. Several bugs were open before I left and remain that way today.
114 > Most any package I maintained is still without a maintainer, and I have
115 > a huge mess to clean up and tons of work to do. All of which I would
116 > have and should have done long ago. For past reasons I rather not bring
117 > up again.
118 >
119 > One might think recruiting would take the amount of work that is not
120 > getting done that I will get done into consideration. In discussions
121 > with Thomas and Petteri I pointed out several times, that I was not
122 > suffering from not being a Gentoo Developer. But in fact Gentoo has
123 > suffered in many ways. Not only with more open bugs and no maintainer on
124 > several packages I maintained. But in many other areas, no monthly
125 > newsletter, no tax return for the foundation, no new recruits for the
126 > java team, etc. The list goes on and on.
127 >
128 > I do not feel recruiting is doing whats in Gentoo's own best interest to
129 > get new or returning developers up and running as soon as possible, and
130 > with the least amount of obstacles. I have no idea why Gentoo goes out
131 > of its way to make things more difficult than they need to be. There is
132 > not enough time for all things that need to be done to get done across
133 > the board. The only way for that ever to change is with increasing the
134 > amount of people and simplifying the process, complexity and delays are
135 > not beneficial.
136 >
137 > However some feel that its best to have less people that are capable of
138 > more. While thats a valid argument, it doesn't hold much water. If that
139 > were true, Gentoo would not be behind in any way. Nor would Gentoo need
140 > or have any benefit for new developers, since everything that needs to
141 > be done is getting done or done. Till that is the case, Gentoo needs to
142 > focus on amount of developers, quantity over quality. Ever day there are
143 > more FOSS projects and applications, only way for Gentoo to keep up is
144 > with numbers.
145 >
146 > For the time being I will not provide any logs or links to facts that
147 > re-enforce my comments. I am doing such out of respect for other
148 > developers wishes and the community as a whole, for now. However I feel
149 > at some point that stuff will have to be exposed to truly shed light on
150 > the matter.
151 >
152 > In the end a few should not hold back many like this. There are many
153 > users suffering, things that need to be done, and recruiting, a few
154 > Gentoo Developers are standing in the way of this. Thus I question any
155 > harm that might result from making private sensitive information public.
156 > Given the harm others are doing thats going some what unnoticed, but
157 > surely visible and felt by users. Gentoo is suffering either way. I
158 > would rather get it all out there now, hit rock bottom sooner than
159 > later, and get back to making things better.
160 >
161 > The current status quo is not acceptable, IMHO.
162 >
165 --
166 William L. Thomson Jr.
167 Obsidian-Studios, Inc.
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