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From: Matthias Maier <tamiko@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Cc: mgorny@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Council nominee 2018/19 questions
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2018 21:04:47
In Reply to: [gentoo-project] Gentoo Council nominee 2018/19 questions by "Michał Górny"
1 Hello everyone,
3 this is my Council manifesto in form of a detailed answer to all
4 questions that were currently raised. Michał, if I missed a question,
5 please tell me :-)
9 On Sun, Jul 1, 2018, at 14:37 CDT, Michał Górny <mgorny@g.o> wrote:
11 > - How do you feel about Gentoo's use of GitHub? Do you support Gentoo
12 > providing resources for our users on GitHub? Or are you opposed to
13 > using GitHub at all?
15 I think that reaching out to a wider audience of contributors via Github
16 is a good idea. Github is a good platform for that because it simply has
17 by far the largest number of users that could potentially readily
18 contribute.
20 In my opinion we should take some additional precautions, though:
21 Because github is a closed-source and for-profit third party we must
22 ensure that
24 - github is not used for bug tracking (i.e., close all repository issue
25 trackers)
27 - we should encourage projects to use our own gitolite infrastructure
28 for overlays (mirrored to
30 The current incident - as unfortunate as it is - has not much to do with
31 Github. (Meaning, if we would have used Gitlab, or another platform then
32 that one would have been compromised.) Some lessons learned:
34 - We should educate on rsync/tree validation (currently working on that with
35 fellow developers)
37 - Do not use passwords for authentication if possible (i.e. use ssh
38 pubkeys, or gpg auth/signatures for authentication). If passwords are
39 unavoidable, we should enforce two-factor authentication (at minimum
40 for admins).
44 On Fri, Jun 29, 2018, at 00:15 CDT, Eray Aslan <eras@g.o> wrote:
46 > 1/ What do you think of closing gentoo-dev ML to the general public?
48 We restricted posting on the gentoo-dev ML to whitelisted users for the
49 time being to ensure that the mailing list communication channel is
50 remains unobstructed (similar to, e.g., +v/+o in #gentoo-dev). I think
51 that this step was necessary to stop individuals from abusing the
52 mailing list for their personal agenda and to stop persistent trolls.
54 We are currently working on reviving a moderator team for the gentoo-dev
55 ML. With a moderator team in place (that ensures on-topic discussion
56 with hopefully minimal intervention) the mailing list can be reopened
57 again for posting for the general public. Hopefully in a timely manner.
61 > 2/ Where do you think Gentoo stands in the Linux ecosystem? Who do you
62 > think are its users?
64 Gentoo has a fairly niche standing in the Linux ecosystem as being one
65 of the only entirely source-based Linux distributions. As such a number
66 of our user base consists of people that need that level of
67 customization - examples range from scientific software ecosystems to
68 using Gentoo as a meta distribution for an in-house distribution in
69 larger data centers. Or users that like to have that level of
70 control. All in all, I would say we have a pretty fine and knowledgeable
71 user base.
75 On Wed, Jun 27, 2018, at 03:25 CDT, Michał Górny <mgorny@g.o> wrote:
77 > 1. Do you believe that Council members should respect the requests of
78 > the developer community even if they disagree with them? Or should
79 > Council members decide based on their own judgment of arguments
80 > presented?
81 >
82 > Example: there's a heated debate, and the majority of respondents
83 > request that X is implemented. However, after reading all the arguments
84 > you don't think that X is a good idea but you haven't managed to
85 > convince others. Would you vote for X (as your electorate demands)
86 > or against it (as you believe is better for the distro)?
88 The council is merely an elected body of developers to make the process
89 of finding formal decisions more streamlined. The Gentoo project itself
90 is entirely defined and shaped by its members/developers. I think that
91 the current form of annual council elections creates a bit of a
92 disconnect between the council and the developer base. Because of that I
93 support the introduction of a "general resolution" voting mechanism
94 for more basic democratic control [1,2].
98 > 2. Do you believe that the Council should proactively research the state
99 > of affairs and make decisions whenever they believe the direction
100 > of the distribution needs to be adjusted? Or should it be passive
101 > and avoid involvement unless developers explicitly request Council's
102 > intervention?
104 I think that the overall "state of affairs" and decision making
105 regarding the project as a whole should lie within the developer body as
106 a whole. As such, the Council should be careful with such decisions. If
107 necessary, there is always the possibility to initiate an "all dev"
108 vote [1].
112 > 3. Do you believe the developer community should hold the power
113 > to veto or dissolve the Council at any point? Provided there's a global
114 > developer vote agreeing on that.
116 Yes.
120 > What do council-nominees think about the current lack of manpower in Gentoo as a
121 > whole, and how do you propose to confront this situation, with facts?
123 > In the same line that previous question, what global decisions do you consider
124 > necessary in order to solve the manpower issue?
126 The "current lack of manpower" situation is a never ending story, isn't
127 it? We have maintained a more or less constant number of active
128 developers over the years :-)
130 - I have seen quite a few of our active github contributors becoming
131 developrs in relatively short time. So streamlining the contribution
132 process (pull request instead of bug report + attaching patches) has
133 played out nicely, I would say.
135 - The situation with maintainer-needed and maintainer-wanted improved
136 quite a bit as well. Overall I think we are slowly catching up on
137 portage tree cleaning (EAPI 0 - 4 removal, etc).
139 - I think that due to the fact that we are a rolling release
140 distribution we lack "visibility" a bit due to the absence of regular
141 release announcements. Thus, maintaining special occasion live-cd
142 releases and similar events is a good thing.
144 - Finally, reducing the need for manpower is also an important point, I
145 should mention here. For example, we have significantly smaller arch
146 teams nowadays but the more streamlined and more automated
147 stabilization process balances that.
149 On the other hand, I wish sometimes that fellow developers would be
150 a bit more conscious when it comes to introducing maintenance
151 burden (USE=libressl is such an example...)
155 > Finally, and this is just a personal opinion, right now I see many devs trying
156 > to pull Gentoo to different sides, but what I can't see is a set of common
157 > beliefs that join us all in the same vision of what Gentoo should be or do in
158 > the near future... how could you address this issue?
160 Being a meta distribution that provides solutions for a very diverse set
161 of needs I don't exactly see a problem in diverse agendas. I think the
162 current process of GLEPs, PMS, RFCs and council decisions provide a good
163 mechanism to find a common ground and solutions that helps everybody.
165 Given the very diverse background of personal agends, it is actually an
166 amazing display of self-organization that we all stick together to make
167 Gentoo a better platform for all of us. I think that, the unfortunate
168 noisy discussion we have at times, hide this little fact a bit and
169 people tend to forget how peaceful coexistence looks like :-)
173 On Tue, Jun 26, 2018, at 02:12 CDT, Michał Górny <mgorny@g.o> wrote:
175 > And I'd like to ask the inevitable question: what do you think should be
176 > the roles of Gentoo Council and Trustees appropriately?
178 [3] As already stated publicy otherwise:
180 """
181 We request that the Board of Trustees of the Gentoo Foundation and the
182 Gentoo Council affirm Gentoo's metastructure GLEP 39 as the governing
183 principle of the Gentoo Linux developer community. In particular, both
184 acknowledge the intended (non-exclusive) split between
185 - the Gentoo Developer community, currently lead by the Gentoo Council,
186 which is responsible for the developer community, its user base and
187 all technical development decisions,
188 - and the Gentoo Foundation, whose role is to hold Gentoo's assets
189 (such as trademarks and server infrastructure) and support the
190 developer and user community. Although the Board of Trustees
191 exercises its own independent judgment on every decision, it
192 generally carries out requests from the community.
193 """
197 Best,
198 Matthias
202 [1]
203 [2]
204 [3]


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