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From: Daniel Campbell <lists@××××××××.us>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Call for agenda items - Council meeting 2013-09-10
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:22:06
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-project] Call for agenda items - Council meeting 2013-09-10 by Pacho Ramos
1 On 09/19/2013 01:07 AM, Pacho Ramos wrote:
2 > El mié, 18-09-2013 a las 23:33 -0500, Daniel Campbell escribió:
3 > [...]
4 >> Additionally, I couldn't really come up with a solid goal to work on; an
5 >> answer to "why do you want to become a developer?" My computing
6 >> interests lie in problems that are already solved for the most part (IOW
7 >> I don't know how to find an unsolved problem). My favorite software
8 >> already has capable maintainers on Gentoo, as well. So if I found myself
9 >> as a developer, I don't know what I would work on. I'm interested in
10 >> writing better guides for things, making corrections, updating out-dated
11 >> stuff, and wouldn't mind adding new packages to portage, but that
12 >> strikes me as something general that all developers pretty much do already.
13 >
14 > Maybe you could help in things like maintainer-needed alias -> that
15 > requires to fix some random stuff from time to time, make bumps... Apart
16 > of that, on what areas/teams are you interested?
17 >
18 >
20 Helping out on packages that don't get much attention could be
21 gratifying. I don't think I'd mind that, depending on how difficult the
22 packages are to maintain. :p
24 I really don't know which teams or areas I'm interested in. I think my
25 current skills predispose me to documentation or tree cleaning. Sunrise
26 sounds interesting too, as does QA. I think I'd have to try my hand at
27 them to determine if I'd be useful to those projects.
29 Gaming is fairly important to me, too... I could help add or maintain
30 games that'll run on Gentoo. It's really a blank slate to me.
32 On that note, I spent early morning today completing the ebuild quiz.
33 I'm not sure if it's ready for review yet, or what I need to do to
34 submit it. Guess I'll have to look that up, too. :)