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From: Marek Szuba <marecki@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] marecki's Council 2021 manifesto
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:58:06
1 Dear everyone,
3 Having been nominated to run for the Council this year, which nomination
4 I consider an honour (thank you, everyone who thinks I am appropriate
5 for this position!), here are a few words from me regarding what I think
6 is important regarding the Gentoo Council and why I consider myself a
7 good fit for this role.
10 A bit about me:
12 I am an experimental particle physicist (currently employed in the field
13 again but having since my Ph.D. studies gone through several other
14 fields of science, as well as a brief stint in industry) with strong
15 interest in computing infrastructure, with particular emphasis on
16 high-performance computing, advanced networking and security.
18 I have been using Gentoo since I got my first amd64 system in early
19 2006, and it has been THE workstation Linux distribution for me ever
20 since - not in the least due to the fact that even when I used Slackware
21 on x86, I still installed most software from sources. Even as a regular
22 user I frequently contributed ebuild patches via Bugzilla, became a
23 proxied maintainer shortly having found out about this possibility in
24 early 2016, and later this year following the encouragement of several
25 people on IRC became a developer. In addition to maintaining (and rather
26 well I dare say, if my update or stabilisation turnover rate as well as
27 the number of open bugs assigned to me are anything to go by) a somewhat
28 eclectic set of packages, I have:
29 - introduced to Gentoo OpenCL runtimes for Intel (first Beignet, then
30 the whole NEO stack) and AMD (amdgpu-pro-opencl) GPUs;
31 - subsequently led the effort to refactor OpenCL support in Gentoo to
32 be more modular and easier for users to understand;
33 - planned and to a large degree implemented the long-outstanding goal
34 of supporting side by side multiple implementations of Lua, making
35 Gentoo one of the few Linux distribution capable of this;
36 - helped test Python 3.8, 3.9 and now 3.10 support across the main
37 Gentoo tree;
38 - been involved in the RISC-V Project since early 2021, in which
39 capacity I am one of the developers representing Gentoo in the BeagleV
40 beta programme and have been keywording packages for ~riscv using such a
41 system.
44 What I think is important for the Council:
46 1. It has already been mentioned in several other manifestos that the
47 Council should be OPEN; mine will be no exception. As the body
48 responsible for global Gentoo policies as well as the final court of
49 appeal for disciplinary decision, the Council's work should be as
50 transparent as possible without violating privacy and data-protection
51 regulations.
54 2. The Council should be DECISIVE. Seeing most if not all materials
55 pertaining to issues requiring Council decisions are publicly available
56 well ahead of the meetings and that it is entirely possible to discuss
57 such issues in advance on Bugzilla, the mailing lists, IRC and so on,
58 deferring a decision should be a last-resort option. And yes, all of the
59 above does mean Council members should spend time on Council matters
60 outside Council meetings.
62 Here I strongly feel my work experience in particle physics will prove
63 very useful - it is a highly collaborative field, with projects
64 comprising of members scattered across numerous countries who even
65 before the pandemic communicated primarily through videoconferences, so
66 I am by no means a stranger to such a mode of work.
69 3. I feel it would be useful for the Gentoo Council to be a bit more
70 PROACTIVE regarding policies. Not that I think we should codify
71 everything, far from it! Still, we have got some things in Gentoo which
72 are de-facto standards (for instance the fact much of the main tree
73 currently implicitly depends on changed-USE functionality to achieve
74 seamless updates of e.g. Lua, Ruby or Python, even though as far as I
75 can tell this feature is not part of the PMS) yet which often fall
76 through the cracks. It is my opinion that Council members should try to
77 keep track of such matters being brought up and follow up on them. This
78 implies Council members should be INVOLVED in the Gentoo community,
79 which for me is obvious but I'm mentioning it here for completeness.
81 As a scientist, I on the one hand largely supervise my own work (making
82 it in my best interest to keep track of what needs to be done, what is
83 important or urgent, etc.) and on the other operate in an environment
84 where many ideas come from informal discussions (meaning they are easy
85 to lose unless you capture an nurture them). I believe this makes me
86 quite suited to this task.
89 --
90 Marecki


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