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From: Arthur Zamarin <arthurzam@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o, Sam James <sam@g.o>
Cc: council@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-project] Call for agenda items for upcoming council meeting (2022-05-08)
Date: Thu, 05 May 2022 19:28:07
In Reply to: [gentoo-project] Call for agenda items for upcoming council meeting (2022-05-08) by Sam James
1 On 03/05/2022 07.39, Sam James wrote:
2 > Hello,
3 >
4 > Please reply with any topics you wish to be discussed during the next council meeting (this coming Sunday, 2022-05-08).
5 >
7 Hi
9 After some discussions on #gentoo-qa IRC with ulm, sam and floppym, we
10 were discussing off by default auto signoff for pkgdev.
13 Background:
15 pkgdev [1] is a tool that was supposed to replace repoman by previous
16 discussions. Currently, I'm the main maintainer of it, and I'm working
17 on improving it, implementing feature request, etc.
18 By default, when you use `pkgdev commit`, it automatically adds the arg
19 `--signoff` to the `git commit` command, so the S-o-b is added, to
20 comply with GLEP 76 [2].
23 Change Explanation:
25 ulm had suggested to turn off *by default* the passing of `--signoff`.
26 The user need to make a conscious decision that he agrees to sign the
27 commits.
28 If I look at the GLEP text, the line "The purpose of the certificate is
29 to declare that the contribution can be modified and redistributed in
30 accordance with the project's license" makes me to agree with this idea,
31 on the legal front.
33 Of course I don't want to break the flow of all pkgdev user's. Around 2
34 weeks ago, I have added support for pkgdev configuration support (still
35 not released), so any user can set "his" defaults. In this case, the
36 user will need to set it in config file at ~/.config/pkgdev/pkgdev.conf
38 [gentoo]
39 commit.signoff = true
41 And all future calls to `pkgdev commit` will auto add the signoff (as
42 current flow), otherwise the user can selectively pass the arg to
43 command, as `pkgdev commit --signoff`.
46 Council Intervention:
48 This change will force all users to change their flow, or set the
49 configuration part - meaning it is a semi-breaking change. I have
50 received some private messages on IRC of requests to not do this change
51 (they requested to remain anonymous). On the other hand, I agree with
52 ulm on the necessity of this change to be more "legal".
53 I see pkgdev as shared Gentoo project and tool, so I don't want to make
54 disruptive decision for all of us. I want unity.
56 Therefore I'm asking for a council vote on "change the default signoff
57 state when committing on an unconfigured system to be turned off". Of
58 course you can use better wording for this :)
60 I will take on myself implementing it, and on release of next pkgdev
61 version, I will send an announcement message of this breaking change, so
62 most users will be notified, and can easily select wanted flow.
65 [1]
66 [2]
68 --
69 Arthur Zamarin
70 arthurzam@g.o
71 Gentoo Linux developer (Python, Arch Teams, GURU, pkgcore stack)


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