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From: David Seifert <soap@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Questions to nominees
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2021 21:40:44
1 Nominees,
2 congratulations on your nominations! As part of this year's elections,
3 I'd like to pose five questions to the nominees, that I believe are
4 important factors in considering someone a good candidate for the
5 council:
7 1. Do you feel you have enough time to commit to serving as a Gentoo
8 council member in the 2021/2022 term? Does your commit activity support
9 this? If you served in 2020/2021, have you prepared for council meetings
10 and finished all unfinished business for which you were responsible (as
11 a council member)?
13 2. Project X and Project Y have irreconcilable differences, but you
14 aren't involved with any of the projects. A crucial technical decision
15 needs to be made. How will you react? Will you defer? Do you consider
16 abstaining a viable option for the group of people making decisions as a
17 last resort?
19 3. Given your typical area of responsibility, how have you performed?
21 4. What positive change/idea/plan do you have for Gentoo that you would
22 try to further (not necessarily as a council member)? By positive change
23 I mean actually changing something concrete, not some diffuse notion of
24 "improving how the council acts" or non-tangible deliverable.
26 5. Do you think the council should be more agile - i.e. take decisions
27 for the purpose of propelling Gentoo forward, rather than waiting for
28 the decision to be made for it? Would you consider a small number of
29 departing views on the mailing list or IRC to be enough to derail a
30 proposal? When do you consider a controversial issue to have been
31 discussed enough?
33 Regards
34 David


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