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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] [PATCHES v2] New old-school GLEP workflow (GLEP 1/2 update)
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 20:24:41
1 Hi, everyone.
3 Here's a second batch of GLEP 1/2 updates. There are no changes to
4 workflow since the previous submission. However, there were multiple
5 text improvements and corrections. In particular, Ulrich has prepared
6 a number of relevant updates for GLEP 2.
8 I should point out that some of the patches are authored by Ulrich
9 Müller. I'm not sure if git will preserve that information somehow in
10 the submitted patches but it will be preserved in the git repository.
12 Besides the changes to GLEPs 1/2, we also have improved a bit
13 the historical wiki import and I have prepared a branch with complete
14 conversion of existing GLEPs to updated headers defined by the new
15 version of GLEP 1.
17 All of this can be found in the draft repository:
21 Branches (in stacked form):
23 1. master -- import of GLEP sources and relevant files from CVS,
25 2. wiki-updates -- import of GLEP updates from MediaWiki applied on top
26 of master [1],
28 3. glep1-2-update -- this patch set applied on top of wiki-updates [2],
30 4. gleps-new-format -- conversion of GLEP headers applied on top
31 of glep1-2-update; this will become master once all is approved [3].
34 Besides the GLEP updates, I have a number of patches to other relevant
35 projects ready:
37 a. docutils-glep [4] -- I've revived the project, the gleps-new-format
38 branch [5] is now capable of rendering both old and new format GLEPs
39 using templates resembling the layout closely and strictly
40 validating their headers.
42 b. www.g.o -- I have prepared a number of patches to make it parse, list
43 and render GLEPs as part of the main site; the gleps-new-format
44 branch of my work [6] is ready for deployment.
46 c. gentoo-syntax (vim) -- I have prepared patches to update syntax
47 highlighting for the new format and to start new GLEP files with
48 a skeleton [7];
50 d. glep-mode (emacs) -- Ulrich is working on a similar thingie for
51 emacs [8].
54 Please review and comment.
57 [1]:
58 [2]:
59 [3]:
60 [4]:
61 [5]:
62 [6]:
63 [7]:
64 [8]:
66 --
67 Best regards,
68 Michał Górny


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