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From: Benda Xu <heroxbd@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] New developer: Matthew Smith (matthew)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 15:27:29
In Reply to: [gentoo-project] New developer: Matthew Smith (matthew) by Joonas Niilola
1 Joonas Niilola <juippis@g.o> writes:
3 > It is my pleasure to announce our first recruit of 2022 (hopefully of
4 > many more): Matthew Smith from England! Matthew has already introduced a
5 > new eclass to Gentoo and continues to maintain bunch of related
6 > packages. Here's what he has to say about himself:
7 >
8 > "An embedded software developer from the North East of England currently
9 > working on squeezing the maximum battery life out of small battery
10 > powered devices, and reworking old designs to cope with current supply
11 > chain issues.
12 >
13 > I enjoy writing C++ and Java, and working with Gentoo has taught me (and
14 > continues to teach me) a lot of Bash and Python. Currently when I have
15 > time I've been learning Haskell by reading A Type of Programming.
16 >
17 > After using Gentoo on my personal machine for a number of years, and now
18 > on my workstation and servers, I would like to give back with some of my
19 > time :)"
20 >
21 > Let's hope Matthew's battery findings can be upstreamed to mobile phones
22 > as I'm tired of recharging mine daily. Please give him a warm welcome to
23 > the Gentoo family!
25 Welcome Matthew! I am looking forward to the battery hacks, too!
27 Benda


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